Not The Greatest Path to a Book Deal…

| December 21, 2016

So, less than a month before the election, a group called “Pantsuit Nation” appeared on Facebook. It was a Mecca for Hillary supporters, who were invited to join the “private” group en masse until, by the time the Washington Post was printing glowing reviews of the pro-Clinton site, it had nearly two million members. The Post […]

Yes, I’m a little pissed, how can you tell?

| August 24, 2015

Fuck this shit! Up to now I’ve been pretty quiet about this, but you all have finally pissed me off. I’m seeing all sorts of grandstanding, self-congratulatory, “I’m so fucking proud of fandom,” nonsense all over the place. This is some sort of high-water mark for the genre. Schadenfreude for everyone! Crush the puppies! See […]

The end of free speech

| December 19, 2014

It’s done. When the creative class itself packs their bags and calls it quits, it’s over.  This is where we end.  Any tyrant now knows that they can suppress any artistic expression they don’t like just by making some threats. The temptation is to retaliate.  Make fun of North Korea and Kim Jong Bad Hair […]

Bad Examples: Publisher Edition

| September 29, 2014

Say you’re a publisher.  Say you’ve been profitable in the past but have been sliding into financial difficulties.  Let’s even say that you’ve had a few past issues with lawsuits over breach-of-contract.  Then, let’s just posit that some blogger does some research and finds all sorts of shenanigans: There is a set of authors who […]

Unexpected attention. . .

| March 31, 2011

A year ago I blogged about Mr. Patrick Roscoe an asshat of epic proportions whose claim to fame is sending the following to a literary agent: Colleen Lindsay: Thank you for making it clear, through your response to my query, that you are unquipped (sic) to represent fiction writers who are working at the very […]

Why I filter my comments. . .

| January 20, 2011

I had really nice comment today on my latest blog post: “With your ability, certainly you have learned praises before but I just want to involve to the many who have thanked you for what you’ve attained. Your work are one of a kind and show great insight. Thanks for your contributions!” I almost approved […]

Ezra Klein, Constitutional Asshat

| December 31, 2010

This video of Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein has been making the rounds.  Apparently, the Constitution is a little too hard for him to understand because it’s so (gasp) old. Ok, I know that’s not exactly what he was trying to say.  Mr. Wonk here was just arguing that the founding document of this country […]

Internets Whap Editor With Clue Stick

| November 5, 2010

There is not much more I can say about the Cook’s Source Magazine scandal that hasn’t been already said.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about (and if so, what Internet have you been surfing?) we have the author of an article about  medieval tarts (SCAdians take note) who had her article lifted wholesale […]

Ways Not To Promote Your Book, Presidential Edition

| October 11, 2010

In the annals of book promotion, this has got to be up there with the all time bad ideas. A paperback book was hurled towards President Obama seconds after he completed a Democratic rally in Philadelphia on Sunday, but aides say the incident in no way affected the event. […] The US Secret Service found […]

Myth and Asshats

| September 21, 2010

So rarely does the universe provide such an enlightening conflation of shallow facile consensus political wisdom, along with elitist literary snobbery as we have in this column by Maureen Dowd.  Dowd has gotten the memo, that Christine O’Donnell is the designated political chew toy for this political cycle.  O’Donnell is the acceptable target.  After all, […]