This is the part of the site where I maintain sample chapters from my books as well as the occasional essay and short story. You can peruse the links below and get a feel for the kind of stuff I write, as well as how things have evolved over the past couple of decades. (The earliest sample, Forests of the Night was published in 1993.)

Novel Excerpts

Forests of the Night

Nohar shouldn’t have trusted Nugoya.

Emperors of the Twilight

Evi hated explosives, but sometimes they were indispensable as an equalizer.

Specters of the Dawn

Angel jumped over the railing as the crowd dissolved into a tidal wave of tooth, fur, and claw.


Dom slid a drawer out from his desk and contemplated what kind of sidearm he should carry into the deal.


Infinity’s a long way, Dimitri thought, when fifteen light years seems close.


“Strong emotional involvement rarely makes the job easier.”


Nickolai Rajastahn slowly woke from a drugged slumber.


I stepped outside and I tried not to think of the Eucharist crumbs that dusted the doorway.

God’s Dice

Richie drove the decrepit VW microbus down the ugliest stretch of East 119 Street.

Zimmerman’s Algorithm

“And you’re wondering why the Bureau is reluctant to spend manpower on the word of a two-bit crackhead?”


Allison felt better than usual when the last bell rang on Monday.

Fearful Symmetries

Nohar Rajasthan stood still, the stand of pines giving him partial cover from the clearing about thirty meters away.

The Flesh, the Blood, & the Fire

“Watch it,” The cop said, “ain’t pretty down there.”

Dragons of the Cuyahoga

I didn’t witness it but I imagine it happening like this.

The Omega Game

The thought lasted for about five minutes, until he heard a woman screaming.

Broken Crescent

Someone was stalking Nate Black.

Stranger Inside

Jimmy didn’t know how the fight started.

Dwarves of Whiskey Island

“Why did he die, Mr. Maxwell?”


In the water, curled against the white side of the boulder, her back to him, was a naked woman.

Short Stories

The Historian’s Apprentice

I promise to relate fact, as much as my incomplete memory allows.

The Long View

The last wound from the war was about to be healed.



A good SF alien is not a neurotic human in makeup.

On Plot

The people we read about are people in trouble.

Moreau Omnibus Introduction

It was a time of Reaganomics, cold war paranoia, and cyberpunk...

The Story Behind Forests

My first novel would never have existed if it hadn’t been rejected first.

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