The Moreau Omnibus

Decades past the end of the Pan-Asian war, the United States is home to over ten-million moreaus— genetically engineered animals, soldiers designed to fight in that war. They have intelligence, and some rights, but live lives as second-class citizens as best. The moreaus are segregated into ghettos and are viewed with fear and suspicion by the human population. The US teeters on the brink between civil war and outright genocide:

Against this backdrop are set three novels:

Forests of the Night: Tiger moreau private eye, Nohar Rajahstahn, takes a case investigating the death of a human, against his better judgement.

Emperors of the Twilight: Evi Isham, a frank (genetically engineered human) intelligence agent, finds herself cut loose and on the run in Manhattan.

Specters of the Dawn: When lepine moreau Angel investigates the death of her lover, she uncovers more than a simple hate crime.

2015 Note: This omnibus edition is no longer in print.  Forests of the Night is now reprinted in The Moreau Quartet Volume One, along with Fearful SymmetriesEmperors of the Twilight and Specters of the Dawn are now reprinted in The Moreau Quartet Volume Two.