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"Swiniarski does a good job [showing] an everyman with a good-if-no-longer-beating heart can still triumph, even in a world filled with apathy and bloody fangs."

by S. A. Swiniarski
  DAW Books Inc., 1996
  352pp, $5.99
  ISBN: 0886777259
  DAW Collector's Number: 1040

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Included in Omnibus Edition
  Blood & Rust

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Kane Tyler awakes, half-frozen and covered with blood, in a storm-sewer on the outskirts of Cleveland Ohio. He has no memory of what happened to him, and very little memory of his life before he awakened. Slowly he uncovers the underworld figure who has been employing him. He uncovers the man who he’s been hunting, a shadowy figure named Childe, who might not be a man, and who may have tried to kill him. He uncovers the ritualistic murder of his ex-wife, and his own daughter, who may be drawn into the maelstrom that Kane himself may be engulfed in, a maelstrom that may have turned him into something inhuman. . .

Note:This novel is now published as part of the Blood & Rust omnibus.