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"Snapped me back several decades to the dear old Analog of hardboiled Harry Harrison and Mack Reynolds...crucial ancestors are probably the smartass comic-inferno satires of Pohl & Kornbluth...or Robert Sheckley."

by S. Andrew Swann
  DAW Books Inc., 1995
  352pp, $4.99
  ISBN: 0886776708
  DAW Collector's Number: 1007

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Included in Omnibus Edition
  The Hostile Takeover Trilogy

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In the second volume of the Hostile Takeover Trilogy, Dominic Magnus begins to return to business after a qualified sucess against the Confederacy.

But it shortly becomes apparent that this is more than a personal war against him, or his company. The full enormity of what is happening is revealed when the full weight of the Confederacy falls on the unprepared planet.

Note: this book is currently published as part of the omnibus of The Hostile Takeover Trilogy.