Forests of the Night

Nohar Rajastahn is a private investigator living fifty-five years into the twenty-first century, after the next world war. The fastest growing minority in the United States are the moreaus, the genetically-engineered human-animal hybrids that the nations of the world created to fight that war. Nohar is one of those moreaus, a second-generation descendant of tigers engineered for the Indian special forces.

In Nohar’s world, humans— “pinks”— are the enemy. It is against his better judgment that he investigates the murder of the campaign manager for a reactionary congressman. His investigation brings him face to face with the most dangerous elements of the human and moreau world, and before long he is hunting, and being hunted by, moreau gangs, international terrorists, and the federal government.

Note: this book is currently published as part of the Moreau Quartet Volume One.