Where Valentine goes from here

| March 25, 2011

One of the things keeping me from blogging has been a rewrite on my unsold novel Valentine’s Night.  I’m nearing the end of that revision, and the MS has gone from 75K to around 95K, and that’s with some cutting.  I’ve attempted to address the issue that I think has kept it from selling, the […]

Ah Dissapointment

| February 10, 2009

Remember when I said I might have good news about Valentine’s Night? Well despite a little tease, the people who were looking at the MS weren’t as into it we thought they were.  (Too bad AT&T isn’t into publishing.)  Anyway, no one’s comitted to the book yet, so if you’re an editor who wants to […]

Two down, one to go.

| January 28, 2009

Just wrapped up the draft of Heretics, YEA! Something over a hundred thousand words of epic destruction as I continue in my apocalyptic deconstruction of the Hostile Takeover universe. I’ll be doing some fixing up of the draft this week (a few retroconned scenes here, some backfill there, epigrams everywhere) and should get a copy […]

Good News and Bad News

| July 18, 2008

The good news is that I got Valentine’s Night polished up, printed out, and sent off to Eleanor today. This is the second spec manuscript I’ve written in as many years, in addition to finishing off Prophets for DAW. Here’s hoping it does as well as Lilly’s Song. This means, now that I got the […]

Done, really, I mean it this time

| June 19, 2008

I turned in the editorial revisions for Prophets today, which means that I am officially done with it. It got a bit longer which is why all the counters moved around. Next task, is a second round of editorial edits on Lilly’s Song, which are relatively minor and should only take a couple of days. […]

Oh yeah, about those counters

| June 3, 2008

No I didn’t forget about them, it’s just this little old thing called revision. See, when I finish a novel and turn it into an editor, it isn’t really finished. Since you all saw those counters grind to a halt I’ve been stuck revising Lilly’s Song for Bantam, and I’m currenly revising Prophets for DAW. […]

Hitting the ground running

| March 22, 2008

The first line is always a bitch. Every story needs a hook to draw the reader into it, and your primary tool is those first few words on the first page. Intimidating to think that the entire weight of thousands and thousands of words can be sitting on the shoulders of, at most, a few […]

Unrepentant self-satisfaction

| March 20, 2008

A couple of woo-hoos: First off, Anne at Bantam has given the ok to the outline I submitted for Wolfbreed #2 (titles, I need titles.) which means that I can go ahead with it as soon as I get the next DAW book out of the way. Second off, we are retiring the Valentine’s Night […]

Here we go again

| March 7, 2008

Like I mentioned with Wolfbreed #1 some time ago, there’s a point in every novel I’ve written where I feel like, “OMG what kind of garbage am I writing here?” It always happens in the last third of the book. I hit a wall where I feel everything I’ve written is total shit and I […]

Moving the Goalposts

| February 22, 2008

Blogging is taking a back seat to the new novel (30K+ yea me!) And yes, I bumped up the total wordage of Valentine’s Night, the spec novel I’m working on while waiting to hear back from Anne. Two reasons. I have trouble writing short, and I don’t feel I’m that close to the halfway point. […]