Turns out, Bob’s not all that happy to see you

| February 4, 2008

I suppose this will come as a surprise to everyone, but apparently Bob’s been duped. All that Enzyte he’s been taking hasn’t done squat to enhance his maleness. In fact, according to the Cincinati Enquirer, when former Enzyte exec James Teegarden Jr. got before a judge: He said employees of the Forest Park company created […]

It made sense before the LSD wore off. . .

| January 25, 2008

Ok, maybe I can buy the cobra. . . But what the hell is up with the Santa hat?

At least this way, there’s only one payment

| January 22, 2008

Part of an ongoing series on stupid internet ad copy: All I got to say is that’s one hell of a monthly payment.

Don’t drink the product when writing your ad copy

| January 2, 2008

Or else your Robutussin ad might read like this: Two things: Love MucusTM That woman looks way too excited that she gets MORE than just MucusTM