Where Stories Are Made, and Bonus Glass Block

Over at Book Chick City I’m being featured in their series “Where Stories Are Made,” where authors get to do a mini photo-essay about the environment where they actually do their writing.  So you all can get to see the (clean parts of the) office at home and at the day job.  Unfortunately, she didn’t use one of my pictures, showing the view from my office at work.  So I include it here:

I admit, it was probably the right decision.

Why I’m going to let the TSA grope my fat white ass

Sure, it’s borderline sexual assault and a violation of the fourth amendment, but bear in mind what your other option is.  The motive behind the “enhanced” pat-downs is IMO less to do with our security and a lot more to do with “encouraging” you to file meekly through the good old naked body scanners.  There are two main reasons why I’m still opting out and letting Bubba the TSA dude grope my junk.

Bubba ain’t going to give me cancer.  And the TSA is underreporting your radiation exposure by a factor of ten.  And they don’t have a great history of maintaining x-ray machines safely.

Bubba ain’t going to take a photo of my junk and leak it onto the internet.

Truffle Update

Unfortunately, Truffles has begun taking a turn for the worse.  Again, she can no longer walk, and still no firm diagnosis.  The steps outside were really becoming an issue, especially since I’m going to cons and such and Michelle can’t lift Truffles all by herself.  So, now we have the Trufflevator:

Going up:

Top floor, everybody out:

That mechanical engineering background finally came in handy.

Me – Beard

Here I am at Confluence this past weekend, minus some facial hair:

On the Writing panel:

Signing books (note the cat-shaving battle scars):

Norwescon pics

Well, you probably know by now I didn’t win the PKD award, but I still had a fun time at Norwescon, and I thought I’d post a few pictures:

Me and my book:

Daryl Gregory,  Ian McDonald,  Daryl Gregory #2 (inside joke),  David G. Hartwell:

Me and Cory Doctorow:

Spring is here

Spent this weekend building raised beds in the back for a vegetable garden.  Spent most of Saturday building these, three boxes 8x4x2 and three 4x4x2.

And Truffles is much more mobile now, and she can hang out outside now.