About 16 years ago we wanted a new cat…

So we went to the Geauga Humane Society to get a new friend for our cat Mu. Michelle wanted a fluffy white Persian, but she made the mistake of handing me a little black kitten before filling out paperwork. By the time she came back, I told her we found a cat. She was all, “no, that was not what I was looking for!” But what did she expect, handing me a kitten like that?

panzer 1
Not a white-haired Persian

She got her name, Panzer, because she was built like a tank and had a habit of running and plowing over poor Mu, even when Mu was twice her size. Though, that didn’t last as Panzer eventually grew bigger than Mu.

Mu didn't have any hard feelings though
Mu didn’t have any hard feelings though

Panzer grew to be a pretty large cat.

No more room in here, go away.
No more room, go away.

And she was probably the most playful.

What you hiding in here?
What you hiding in here?

While she was always closest to Mu, she did get along with all our subsequent animals.

This is what mommy was looking for?
This is what mommy was looking for?

Unfortunately, after a bout of illness, we had to say goodbye to her this week. All I can say is what we gained from having her this past decade-and-a-half outweighs what we lost on Monday.

File under "cat picture."
File under “cat picture.”

Truffle Update

Unfortunately, Truffles has begun taking a turn for the worse.  Again, she can no longer walk, and still no firm diagnosis.  The steps outside were really becoming an issue, especially since I’m going to cons and such and Michelle can’t lift Truffles all by herself.  So, now we have the Trufflevator:

Going up:

Top floor, everybody out:

That mechanical engineering background finally came in handy.

Spring is here

Spent this weekend building raised beds in the back for a vegetable garden.  Spent most of Saturday building these, three boxes 8x4x2 and three 4x4x2.

And Truffles is much more mobile now, and she can hang out outside now.

Another Truffle Update

If you’ve followed my blog, you’ve seen me talk about our dog Truffles. Back during the summer, she was stricken with something, no one has yet diagnosed what, that weakened her until she was unable to walk. At first we thought it was neurological, but she was never completely paralyzed. In fact, even when I had to carry her outside three times a day she still has had fewer accidents in the house than Lilly the boxer. So we got her a cart, and started swimming her three times a week. And just recently, we discovered that I could get her to move around with some physical support and the promise of a cookie.

Now, I am happy to report, Truffles has gotten strong enough that she can walk again:

truffle walk 1

truffle walk 2

She’s still rather unsteady, and can’t keep it up for more than a dozen feet or so, but this is more than we’d ever expected.

Truffle Update

Truffles is still having a hard time. We’re still swimming her 3 days a week, but she’s still unable to walk on her own. All the vets we’ve talked to have given up on a diagnosis so we have no clue what’s up with her.

However, we’ve made a bit of a discovery. If we wrap her paws with vet wrap, she has a lot more traction to go about in her cart. And today we tried getting her to walk with the assistance of a handle we bought when her legs were first going bad. The combination of the vet wrap and cookie motivation (Truffles has always been very food focused) we eventually got her to walk across the living room with assistance. Vast improvement over the last time we tied this, when she didn’t hold up herself at all and was just so much dead weight.

truffle 005a