Those Who Would Protect Us From Art

| December 7, 2016

I wrote about the morality of fiction earlier, a couple of things I’ve read recently brought me back to the question from the another side. In that post I was talking about morality of fiction in light of the inner processes of the author. But really, when most people talk about the morality of fiction, […]

The end of free speech

| December 19, 2014

It’s done. When the creative class itself packs their bags and calls it quits, it’s over.  This is where we end.  Any tyrant now knows that they can suppress any artistic expression they don’t like just by making some threats. The temptation is to retaliate.  Make fun of North Korea and Kim Jong Bad Hair […]

Yeah, this will save your business model.

| September 13, 2010

(NOTE: I’m going to start posting (some) political stuff on my blog again, the experiment with two blogs didn’t really work, and no one needs another political blog anyway.) Again with the asshats I say.  And we have some wonderful hats of assness this time in the person(s) of a company known as Righthaven.  What […]

Five more stories more important than Tiger Woods

| December 16, 2009

Border cops beat up a Hugo winner. Australia plans to censor the Internet. D.C. says “f@$k the recession, we’re getting our bonuses“. Random House says “all your e-rights are belong to us”. Larry Flynt sues his nephews over misusing the “Flynt” brand.

Five Stories More Important than Tiger Woods

| December 10, 2009

That you probably aren’t hearing about: The Iranian people are still protesting the regime. We’re a few steps closer to commercial space tourism. Five Billion Euros have been scammed from the European Carbon Trading Market. Danish Prostitutes offer free sex to Copenhagen Delegates. Woman faces 3 years in prison for taping birthday party in a […]