And the title is:

| October 21, 2008

Pending confirmation from DAW, the title is going to be either: Journalists and Dragons: Stories of the Cleveland Portal or Journalists, Dragons and Dwarves: Stories of the Cleveland Portal I think I’m more partial to the second one. UPDATE: Sheila didn’t like the word “Journalist” so the title will be: Dragons and Dwarves: Stories of […]

Titles again

| October 17, 2008

The good news is that DAW’s going to re-issue my two Cleveland Portal novels, Dragons of the Cuyahoga and Dwarves of Whiskey Island in an omnibus edition due out August 2009. W000t! The bad news, Sheila at DAW told me this yesterday, and she needs me to give her a title for the thing by […]

Writing women

| September 11, 2008

I just noticed, about 25% of the way into Heretics, that suddenly most of the story is being told from the POV of various female characters.  Compare this to Prophets, where the first major female character doesn’t show up until nearly that late and she isn’t a POV character, at least not until a fair […]

Unrepentant self-satisfaction

| March 20, 2008

A couple of woo-hoos: First off, Anne at Bantam has given the ok to the outline I submitted for Wolfbreed #2 (titles, I need titles.) which means that I can go ahead with it as soon as I get the next DAW book out of the way. Second off, we are retiring the Valentine’s Night […]

Moving the Goalposts

| February 22, 2008

Blogging is taking a back seat to the new novel (30K+ yea me!) And yes, I bumped up the total wordage of Valentine’s Night, the spec novel I’m working on while waiting to hear back from Anne. Two reasons. I have trouble writing short, and I don’t feel I’m that close to the halfway point. […]

We just keep rolling along

| February 18, 2008

Well my latest spec project is still rolling along quickly, quickly enough that if Anne continues being overworked at Bantam, I might get the whole thing done before I have to do any editorial revisions on Wolfbreed #1 (titles, I need titles). I started it a week and a half ago, and I have 23K […]

Attack of the muse: redux

| February 10, 2008

So I finished and turned in the Prophets draft. My next project is Wolfbreed #2 (Still need titles for those) but I can’t really start until Anne at Bantam gets back to me, approving the outline for the next book. Since I didn’t want to jump into the next Apotheosis book and have to interrupt […]

Butt Glut

| January 10, 2008

In a manifestation of what I noted in an earlier post; that if your romantic paranormal fantasy is filed on the romance shelf you get a hunk on the cover, on the fantasy shelf you get a babe on the cover in short: Fantasy: Romance: Now there’s a blog post on the Juno Books blog […]

Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside

| January 4, 2008

John Ottinger has had some nice things to say about Fellowship Fantastic, the latest anthology by Martin H. Greenberg and Kerrie Hughes. He also had some very nice things to say about this humble author’s contribution: The best stories in this anthology were [Donald J. Bingle’s] “The Quest” and “The Enigma of the Serbian Scientist”, […]

Successfully Clawing My Way Up From the Bottom of the Midlist

| December 6, 2007

At least that’s how it’s looking. With help from my kick-ass agent, Eleanor, I’ve sold Wolfbreed and a subsequent novel to Anne Groell at Bantam/Spectra for an advance a bit more than three times what DAW was giving me. Contracts are being written as we speak, and by this time next month, I will be […]