Arriving March 1st

| February 25, 2016

The third in the Dragon* series is coming March 1, 2016.  It’s full of new soul-swapping shenanigans, new gods, and new apocalyptic threats to the Kingdom of Lendowyn.  Also, Dudley is still a dick.

Coming Soon

| September 23, 2015

Coming this October, The Moreau Quartet Volume Two. Amazon is accepting pre-orders, and next week I’ll be starting another Goodreads book giveaway. (Watch this space.) In other news: In the /r/Fantasy subreddit, I will be holding an AMA on September 29th. (If you don’t understand any of that, just follow the links.)  That means I’ll […]

And Coming This Month!

| August 3, 2015

This month sees the omnibus re-issue of Forests of the Night and Fearful Symmetries in a single snazzy new package: The Moreau Quartet Volume One.  For those of you that are worried about breaking up of the original Moreau trilogy, no worries. A) Fearful Symmetries is a direct sequel to Forests of the Night, and […]

So, anyone want a book?

| July 13, 2014

I was talking to a colleague about the non-writing part of this writing thing. Specifically, what a mid-list author might do to get some publicity for their book. The conversation hit the obvious points, signings, distributing ARCs and so on. But he did mention something I hadn’t ever considered: having his minions friends leave propaganda […]

The new phonebook’s here! The new phonebook’s here!

| January 31, 2011

Actually, this, the final book in the Apotheosis Trilogy is here: Not this:

And now, a word from Poland

| January 13, 2011

A pretty kick-ass version of Lilly, I think:

We Can Has Kick-ass Cover?

| October 8, 2010

And Now A Word From France

| August 23, 2010

My Big Idea. . .

| July 29, 2010

Wolf’s Cross is out this week, and coinciding with that, my Big Idea piece is up on Scalzi’s Whatever: When I wrote Wolfbreed I wasn’t concerned for markets, or genre, or much else beyond having my muse promise not to beat me senseless.  It was written outside of my contracts for DAW, so I had […]

Guess what came in the mail?

| June 28, 2010

And our wonderful UPS guy decided to leave the package out in the rain, on top of a trash can next to the house. . .  But I got this to cheer me up.  Go there, you may win a book.