How to make me feel old.

So far my Facebook group, Swann’s Lounge, seems to be a success. But it comes at a price. On one of the more popular threads people are listing “obscure” SF/F titles. There’s a lot of good stuff in there.  But apparently it’s been long enough for Jack L. Chalker’s Well of Souls, and Julian May’s  Saga of Pliocene Exile to become obscure to some folks. Given that I bought both these series as they came out. . .  Let’s just say it made me feel my age.

Coming Soon


Coming this October, The Moreau Quartet Volume Two. Amazon is accepting pre-orders, and next week I’ll be starting another Goodreads book giveaway. (Watch this space.)

In other news: In the /r/Fantasy subreddit, I will be holding an AMA on September 29th. (If you don’t understand any of that, just follow the links.)  That means I’ll be answering questions live online, starting around 7pm Central Time on the 29th.  The AMA thread will be posted around 11AM Central Time, so you’ll be able to post questions in advance.  To participate you’ll need to set up a Reddit account, which isn’t that difficult.  Hope to see you there.

And Coming This Month!


This month sees the omnibus re-issue of Forests of the Night and Fearful Symmetries in a single snazzy new package: The Moreau Quartet Volume One.  For those of you that are worried about breaking up of the original Moreau trilogy, no worries. A) Fearful Symmetries is a direct sequel to Forests of the Night, and can be read in that order and B) The Moreau Quartet Volume Two will be following in October.

If you want to get your hands on a copy for free, I’m sponsoring a Goodreads book giveaway for the month of August:

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The Moreau Quartet by S. Andrew Swann

The Moreau Quartet

by S. Andrew Swann

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So, anyone want a book?

Dragon princessI was talking to a colleague about the non-writing part of this writing thing. Specifically, what a mid-list author might do to get some publicity for their book. The conversation hit the obvious points, signings, distributing ARCs and so on. But he did mention something I hadn’t ever considered: having his minions friends leave propaganda bookmarks at giveaway tables at cons for him. This is one of those ideas that are so simple that it’s baffling why I hadn’t thought of it before.

Here’s what I’m thinking of doing. And I’m going to offer this to anyone reading this post: If you are attending a SF convention or similar venue in the continental U.S. over the next 12 months, and are willing to drop off bookmarks/postcards promoting my Dragon* books, I will give you a signed copy of Dragon•Princess in return. (If you have that, I’ll send a copy of Dragon•Thief when it becomes available.)

If you are interested, e-mail me at at least one month before the convention you’re planning to attend.

My Big Idea. . .

Wolf’s Cross is out this week, and coinciding with that, my Big Idea piece is up on Scalzi’s Whatever:

When I wrote Wolfbreed I wasn’t concerned for markets, or genre, or much else beyond having my muse promise not to beat me senseless.  It was written outside of my contracts for DAW, so I had no real constraints on what I was doing, and no expectations of anything beyond its fiery conclusion.  Everything had been wrapped up, the still-living characters all had their main conflicts resolved.  All the plot threads tied up with a nice bow made of human entrails. . .

Of course you have to go there tor read the rest of it.