I’m going to be at the Cleveland Concoction convention this coming weekend from March 10th through the 12th.  If you’re in the area, directions are here.

You can find the overall schedule here, as for what I’m doing:

  • Fri. 11pm – Fantasy and Rule 34
  • Sat. 12pm – Vampires, Werewolves, and Gods—Rewriting Legends
  • Sat. 2pm – Author Showcase (Session 3) [Wherein I will read a bit]
  • Sat. 3pm – Autographing (Session 3) – Author Alley
  • Sat. 9pm – Why Villains Matter
  • Sat. 11pm – Inter-Species “Relations”
  • Sun. 1pm – There are no Saints in Fiction

Looking forward to seeing some of my fans there.

Weekend of the Pooka

pookawebbanner2015This coming weekend I will be participating along with other local authors Saturday & Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm at the annual Bedford, Ohio “Weekend of the Pooka.” at the Bedford Commons. (730 Broadway Avenue, Bedford, Ohio.)

In addition to myself, attending authors will include Vince McKee, Michael Heaton, Jonathan Knight, James Renner, Gail Bellamy, Kelley Grealis, Laura Peskin, DM Pulley, Les Roberts, Shelley Bloomfield Costa, Irv Korman, Charles Cassidy & Wendy Koile.

In addition to the authors, there will be art and wine 🙂

Hope to see you there.

Libertycon 29

Me and head programming guy, Rich Groller, at the tail end of LibertyCon
Me and head programming guy, Rich Groller, at the tail end of LibertyCon

If you were following me on Facebook you know I attended Libertycon 29 this past weekend. I had a blast. Even though it was a bit outside my normal stomping grounds, I found no shortage of folks to talk with— no small thing for an introverted cave-dweller such as myself. Highlights:

  • The con staff was fantastic, everything I saw ran smoothly, from the con-suite to the banquet to the panels. (And buy a banquet ticket if you go, it’s well worth it.)
  • The venue is the most impressively strange setting for a con I’ve ever been to, it’s like having a con in an alternate steampunk universe.
  • My time in Author Alley was well spent, even though I only sold a handful of books, because of all the folks I met and talked to who said they were fans of my stuff. (Apparently there’s a big Venn Diagram overlap between fans of my work and Libertycon attendees.)
  • And I got a kick when Jonathan Maberry, the literary GoH came by my table, said he liked Hostile Takeover and bought a copy of Prophets. Had a nice chat with him then, and later in the con suite, and even later had him sign a copy of Patient Zero for me.
  • And even more of a kick attending the Baen dinner party, where I got to hear Larry Correia wax poetic on video game tanks, and spent most of the evening talking with David Weber.

All in all, a great time, will do it again.

Coming Soon


Coming this October, The Moreau Quartet Volume Two. Amazon is accepting pre-orders, and next week I’ll be starting another Goodreads book giveaway. (Watch this space.)

In other news: In the /r/Fantasy subreddit, I will be holding an AMA on September 29th. (If you don’t understand any of that, just follow the links.)  That means I’ll be answering questions live online, starting around 7pm Central Time on the 29th.  The AMA thread will be posted around 11AM Central Time, so you’ll be able to post questions in advance.  To participate you’ll need to set up a Reddit account, which isn’t that difficult.  Hope to see you there.


This weekend, Friday July 24 to Sunday July 26, I— along with my new shirts— will be attending Confluence, “Pittsburgh’s premier SF/F/H literary conference.” The location is: Doubletree by Hilton Cranberry Pittsburgh (that’s a mouthful) 910 Sheraton Drive, Mars, PA 16046.

My con schedule:

Big Ideas: “Philosophical” Science Fiction …. Lawrence Fri 8:00 PM
How do evil societies function? …. Armstrong Fri 9:00 PM
Seven things an SF/fantasy novel always includes …. Mars Sat 10:00 AM
Gender in Fantasy …. Armstrong Sat 12:00 PM
Not Just Anglos …. Lawrence Sat 3:00 PM
Does fantasy need to acknowledge physics? …. Armstrong Sat 7:00 PM

Hope to see you there!



This coming Saturday, April 25th, I will be attending the ninth annual Ohioana Book Festival  in Columbus.  There will be the book fair and panels at the Sheraton Columbus at Capitol Square from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  First thing, at 10:15, I will be on a panel “From Another Realm: Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy” with Mike Resnick, Terry Ervin II, Brian McClellan. You can see the rest of the panel schedule here.  Food, books, dozens of authors… what’s not to like?  If you’re in the Columbus area you should stop by.

Cleveland ConCoction Day 2

I’m back at Cleveland ConCoction today. . .Cleveland ConcoctionMy official schedule today:

  • Saturday 2:00 Mixing Genres with Sandra Gurvis, Brian Hagan, Sarah Hans
  • Saturday 4:00 Building Toward the Ultimate Literary Climax with Sandra Gurvis, Ty Schwamberger, Adrian J. Matthews, Christine Benedict
  • Saturday 9:00 Humor in Sci-Fi/Fantasy with Brian Hagan, Marcus V. Calvert, Addie J. King, Cindy A. Matthews
  • Saturday 10:00 The 10-Volume Trilogy with Addie J. King, Adrian J. Matthews, Cindy A. Matthews