And the Website Changes Again

I finally updated the WordPress theme here to join the current century and play nice with mobile devices. There may be more changes yet in store, but my priority was mobile support. So, aside from my little scripts I pulled from the last version (the bibliography and excerpt pages. Along with the pages for individual books, which, with my backlist, was kind of a big deal.), the theme is pretty much off the rack for right now.

Throwback Thursday

I’ve been blogging off-and-on for years, and today I’d thought I’d go point to the ten most popular blog entries I have according to Google Analytics. Predictably, six of them are writing related. (Note, these don’t include the Plot and Worldbuilding articles that drive about half the traffic here. Those aren’t blog posts.)


And I am back again…

I have returned. (Not that I’ve actually gone anywhere.) My wife is cracking the social media whip at me, telling me I should stop ignoring the blog portion of my site. So I’m going to start posting here again so my little corner of the web doesn’t look so abandoned. Look for me to be posting stuff here Tuesdays and Thursdays…

The Blogs, They Are A-changin…

I’ve been keeping some sort of web presence since I was first published, back in 1993.  Being a computer geek outside my work as a novelist, I’ve gotten into the habit of rolling my own site.  So I’ve lived through the era of hand-coded html and animated gifs. I’ve struggled with Javascript menus, and had a site where I created navigation buttons in Paint Shop Pro.  I’ve migrated from Blogger to my own WordPress site.  And, as I’ve been bringing the blog portion of this back to life I’ve been busy changing the design again.  I expect things to be changing here for a while.  I can’t really use an off-the-shelf theme since I’ve done a lot of back-end coding to maintain all the book-related content.  I expect things to settle down in a couple of weeks.

Word to the geeks out there: CSS3 rocks!  The animated book menus, which were once Javascript and a bunch of moving <DIV>s, are now all handled with some lines in the stylesheet.  I was so excited that I told my wife— and got the glazed eye-rolling expression that translates to, “why do you think I care?”

Still, it rocks!

Ending the Experiment

While the site is officially under construction I’ve gone and removed my experiment in republishing TeeK on my blog. I haven’t deleted the work, but I’m not leaving it public while it’s unfinished and I have no idea what to do with it. Apologies to anyone who was following it, but other writing projects took priority and I don’t have the time or resources to continue it.

Still Working

Most of my time right now is devoted to revisions of the new novel. (When not engineering sheep habitat.) But I will be returning to this shortly.

Watch this space. . .

Well in a little less than two weeks I’ll be attending DragonCon, my last convention for a while as I retool myself to paying a little more attention to the writing part of this whole writing thing.  My agent has two full novels to shop around, and I’m busy finishing my Namowrimo project from last November, a YA horror novel w/o vampires.

However, if you’re missing seeing seeing me in print lately, hang on.  I will be trying an experiment on this here blog starting September 5th.

Unexpected attention. . .

A year ago I blogged about Mr. Patrick Roscoe an asshat of epic proportions whose claim to fame is sending the following to a literary agent:

Colleen Lindsay:

Thank you for making it clear, through your response to my query, that you are unquipped (sic) to represent fiction writers who are working at the very highest level today.

Best of luck with your list of minor writers, third-rate writers, irrelevant writers, non-writers.

You lose, silly woman.

Patrick Roscoe

I pointed, I laughed, I moved on with my life. Imagine my surprise when today, in my spam filter, I find a comment from someone coming to defend Mr. Roscoe’s honor from such ill deserved mocking engage in an attempt at their own mockery at the expense of myself. Turns out, someone put my Roscoe post up on Reddit and it started a tiny little flame war with Mr. Roscoe’s champion. I’m sort of flattered.

Why I filter my comments. . .

I had really nice comment today on my latest blog post:

“With your ability, certainly you have learned praises before but I just want to involve to the many who have thanked you for what you’ve attained. Your work are one of a kind and show great insight. Thanks for your contributions!”

I almost approved it, since I rarely get spam on new posts. Then I look a little closer and note the slightly broken English. Then I note that while the comment might reflect the post I made on Book Chick City, it didn’t actually mention the post, or writing, or anything else concrete. It could be about anything. Then I look at the URL the poster used: a link trolling site.

Akismet Y U No catch this spam?