Well, I got a chance to see the first two episodes of the new Star Trek and here are my thoughts:

  1. If you obsess about canon, this series will trigger you hard. There is no way you can sensibly integrate this into the same universe as TOS without serious mental violence so my suggestion is just let it go.
  2. This series is dark.  Not just thematically, but in terms of palette.  If you prefer the historical Trek aesthetic, you may be better off watching The Oriville.
  3. I don’t think I can judge the series itself because it has yet to establish a status quo. The first two episodes are really a prologue setting up the main character’s backstory.
  4. If we judge by the first two episodes, this will be a Trek where blowing ships up is going to be a regular thing.
  5. I don’t like the design of the new Klingons, and that seems to be a common sentiment.
  6. Still it’s watchable, and I liked the main characters…
  7. …but not enough to pay for yet another streaming service just for the one show.

5 Replies to “Discovery”

  1. I really couldn’t agree with you more. The main reminder I’m taking home from your comments is that these initial episodes are forming backdrop. Glad this is a private post, so I can mention that I pretty much bootleg most of my entertainment, so my only issue is the effort, not the cost. This seems to be worth the effort, unlike “The Mist,” which got real lame for me pretty quick. Made “The Dome” look good in comparison. You ought to give a screenplay a shot! I can see it now: “Fear and Loathing in Cleveland.” Nohar Rajasthan with a human sidekick freeing Northern Ohio from murderous scum with dragon assists! Oh well, hopefully no more than 6 months ’til season 2 of Wesrworld! Have a good week!

  2. I can’t really be surprised that the same hack that named a planet of anarcho capitalists after Mikhail Bakunin would think that the new star trek is “watchable.”

  3. Growing up an unbeknownst Autistic child, the clues were there, but nobody put the pieces together until just last year; one of those clues was an unrelenting FASCINATION with Star Wars and Star Trek. As I got older, that fascination turned into outright obsession, and now that I understand it, it becomes somewhat academic, and in the end, I decided, y’know what? This makes me happy, so with some moderation, I’ve just given into it.

    I bought franchise books (both SW and ST), paid way too much for cheesy merchandise, studied the character to the point of psychoanalyzing the motivation of fictional beings, delve into the lives of side-characters, learn the in’s and out’s of make-believe vehicles, even learned how to handle a bat’leth paired with a lightsaber… obsession.

    THAT having been said…

    How do you cure the obsessive behavior of an autistic adult?

    Destroy the original series, throw away storyline coherence and let the likes of J.J. Abrams make slaw of the creators’ visions then put Disney in charge of making that cash-cow moo for mercy.
    From a star-struck (har har) child to an obsessive adult, at this point, it’s been two years since I’ve seen either a ST or SW feature.
    …worse, I feel sorry for the folks who have.

    Now if your Moreau series (with a requisite tech-check update) made it to cinema, we’d be back at obsession:square-one. 😀

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