Beta Testers Needed

If you’ve been interested in the saga of my game development, good news! You can be part of the saga! Choice of Games needs beta testers for “Welcome to Moreytown.” All you need to do to become one is click on this link and follow the instructions.  The beta window will not be open for long, so if you’re interested, sign up today!



I’m going to be at the Cleveland Concoction convention this coming weekend from March 10th through the 12th.  If you’re in the area, directions are here.

You can find the overall schedule here, as for what I’m doing:

  • Fri. 11pm – Fantasy and Rule 34
  • Sat. 12pm – Vampires, Werewolves, and Gods—Rewriting Legends
  • Sat. 2pm – Author Showcase (Session 3) [Wherein I will read a bit]
  • Sat. 3pm – Autographing (Session 3) – Author Alley
  • Sat. 9pm – Why Villains Matter
  • Sat. 11pm – Inter-Species “Relations”
  • Sun. 1pm – There are no Saints in Fiction

Looking forward to seeing some of my fans there.

And Speaking of Worldbuilding…

Since I was talking about world-building earlier, thought I’d follow up with something a little different. Here’s a few ongoing webcomics that I really like that have created truly impressive universes to play in:

1) Girl Genius

ggGirl Genius has been going on since 2002, so if you’re new to it, bank some time to catch up. (Or buy the print copies.) Phil & Kaja Foglio’s “Gaslamp Fantasy” series has been going continuously from the start, with only a few filler strips here and there during it’s run. The world is correspondingly epic, with a vaguely Victorian Europe overrun by mad scientists and their creations. A lot of it is intentionally goofy and amusing, but as Terry Prachett once said, “Funny is not the opposite of Serious.”

2) Gunnerkrigg Court

gcA special child is enrolled in a strange boarding school that seems to exist in its own separate universe. You’d be forgiven if you think of Hogwarts. But if this is Hogwarts, it is Hogwarts filtered through Terry Gilliam and Neil Gaiman. The eponymous Court is a school, but also a city filled with ghosts and automatons, adjacent to a forest where the old spirits live. Including a particular Coyote.

3) Stand Still. Stay Silent

ssssHow many post-apocalyptic stories come with a hefty dose of Scandinavian magic and folklore? One that I know of. All the fantastic elements tie back into the setting, as do the characters. This is one of those stories that could not be removed from its locale. It’s a slow burn, but when the monstrosities start showing up, they are absolutely horrifying. (Though a trigger warning for those who have issues with violence to cats and dogs.)

4) Kill Six Billion Demons

ksbdIf any webcomic ever had the potential to found its own religion, this is it. The world is deep and strange and somehow vaguely familiar all at the same time. The art is stunning and hallucinatory. It’s a story of gods and angels and devils and a heaven/hell that’s suffering severe infrastructure problems due to neglect.