Still working, still here. . .

Just a little update to let you know I’m still alive, still busy doing game things like revising my final draft for my editor.  Now that’s done, we’re on to continuity and beta testing. In the meantime I had to come up with some additional “assets” for the game. One such “asset” is some descriptions of the game.

Fair enough.

No more than 50 characters, suitable for the Subject: line of an email.

Okay, I can do that.

We recommend coming up with 20 of them.


You think that sounds bad? It’s really worse.  Especially because, well, I’m a novelist. Pithy ain’t really my thing. When your publisher’s documentation of their needs actually uses the word “grueling,” you know you’re in for a good time.  It’s especially grueling because this is no trivial bit of work. One of those 20 lines may be the first glimpse someone has of this game, so it’s kind of important.

No pressure.

PS: I was going to put up a political post instead of this, and then I looked around and told myself, “Yeah, that’s what the Internet needs right now— MORE POLITICS!


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