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forests4For those of you that don’t follow my Facebook page, or missed my announcement last month: I have been contracted by Choice of Games to write a “choose-your-own-adventure” style game based in my Moreau Universe. And, yes, one of the first choices you make in the game is choosing your species. And yes, you can play a genetically engineered capybara. You can thank one of the editors for that ;). The game is progressing well ahead of our deadline, about 1/3 written so far, and I’m finding it a nice change of pace from linear novel writing. I will keep everyone posted on my progress, but it seems on track to appear sometime next year.

For my writing friends: It is worth checking out these guys. They pay rates comparable to a genre mass-market paperback sale. Just bear in mind that you need to access a different skill set than straight novel writing. Any experience coding is helpful. Also any experience running a RPG is also helpful.


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