5 remakes I would like to see

| July 28, 2016

So there was this Ghostbusters remake/reboot that caused a lot of angst among various peoples. Since I’ve yet to see it (I’ll probably wait until it’s on Netflix.) I don’t have an opinion on it one way or another. But the existence of the film has made me ponder the idea of remakes/reboots in general; […]

Top 10 Highlights from the RNC here in Cleveland

| July 26, 2016

10) Rickrolls! 9) Party Unity! 8) Tolerance! 7) Higher Education! 6) Huge Protests! 5) Self-Immolation! 4) Highway Closures! 3) Urine fights! 2) Boobs! 1) Gary Johnson!

About 16 years ago we wanted a new cat…

| July 21, 2016

So we went to the Geauga Humane Society to get a new friend for our cat Mu. Michelle wanted a fluffy white Persian, but she made the mistake of handing me a little black kitten before filling out paperwork. By the time she came back, I told her we found a cat. She was all, […]

Game Update

| July 19, 2016

For those of you that don’t follow my Facebook page, or missed my announcement last month: I have been contracted by Choice of Games to write a “choose-your-own-adventure” style game based in my Moreau Universe. And, yes, one of the first choices you make in the game is choosing your species. And yes, you can […]

Libertycon 29

| July 14, 2016

If you were following me on Facebook you know I attended Libertycon 29 this past weekend. I had a blast. Even though it was a bit outside my normal stomping grounds, I found no shortage of folks to talk with— no small thing for an introverted cave-dweller such as myself. Highlights: The con staff was […]

And I am back again…

| July 12, 2016

I have returned. (Not that I’ve actually gone anywhere.) My wife is cracking the social media whip at me, telling me I should stop ignoring the blog portion of my site. So I’m going to start posting here again so my little corner of the web doesn’t look so abandoned. Look for me to be posting […]