Cleveland ConCoction Day 2

I’m back at Cleveland ConCoction today. . .Cleveland ConcoctionMy official schedule today:

  • Saturday 2:00 Mixing Genres with Sandra Gurvis, Brian Hagan, Sarah Hans
  • Saturday 4:00 Building Toward the Ultimate Literary Climax with Sandra Gurvis, Ty Schwamberger, Adrian J. Matthews, Christine Benedict
  • Saturday 9:00 Humor in Sci-Fi/Fantasy with Brian Hagan, Marcus V. Calvert, Addie J. King, Cindy A. Matthews
  • Saturday 10:00 The 10-Volume Trilogy with Addie J. King, Adrian J. Matthews, Cindy A. Matthews

Cleveland ConCoction

Today’s the day!

Cleveland ConcoctionI’ll be showing up at the con sometime between three and four.  Here’s my list of officially scheduled events today:

Friday 6:00 – Author Showcase with Megan Engelhardt, Ty Schwamberger and Mary Turzillo

Friday 7:00 – World Creation in Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Steampunk with Geoffrey Landis, Marcus V. Calvert, and Sarah Hans

Friday 8:oo – Darkness and Light with Ty Schwamberger, Brian Hagan, Marcus V. Calvert, Sarah Hans

Friday 10:00 – Crafting Villains Readers Love to Hate with Brian Hagan, Marcus V. Calvert, Addie J. King, and Emmy Jackson