Mentions on the web

I saw a couple of nice shout-outs come across my Google feed recently. (They kept the RSS service for searches, but deep-sixed Google Reader, go fig)

The first is on Reinalyn M. Terrado’s blog where she puts me in the company of Barry N. Malzberg (Which is pretty high praise IMHO).

Swiniarski shapes his fantastic worlds and beings as heightened pictures of our own, telling deep meaning about our condition. For that, he deserves some praise and recognition.

The second is a complementary review of the Hostile Takeover Trilogy omnibus at Two Dudes in an Attic.

So to sum up, this is a very long book, or three medium-sized books, that will probably appeal to SF readers like me. […] There’s lots to think about and lots of detail to enjoy. As far as I can tell, Swann remains under the popular radar, but this is worth searching out for those that want some meat in their book diet.

Worldbuilding at Savvy Authors

On-line appearance update: This coming Wednesday, July 30th, I’ve been invited to run a chat on Worldbuilding on the website.

How does an author seamlessly present the audience with a complex unfamiliar world and make it seem real? We will cover how to create a consistent fictional world, and how best to present it without breaking the reader’s interest or suspension of disbelief.

So, anyone want a book?

Dragon princessI was talking to a colleague about the non-writing part of this writing thing. Specifically, what a mid-list author might do to get some publicity for their book. The conversation hit the obvious points, signings, distributing ARCs and so on. But he did mention something I hadn’t ever considered: having his minions friends leave propaganda bookmarks at giveaway tables at cons for him. This is one of those ideas that are so simple that it’s baffling why I hadn’t thought of it before.

Here’s what I’m thinking of doing. And I’m going to offer this to anyone reading this post: If you are attending a SF convention or similar venue in the continental U.S. over the next 12 months, and are willing to drop off bookmarks/postcards promoting my Dragon* books, I will give you a signed copy of Dragon•Princess in return. (If you have that, I’ll send a copy of Dragon•Thief when it becomes available.)

If you are interested, e-mail me at at least one month before the convention you’re planning to attend.

Done (for now)

I just handed the finished copy of the second book in the Dragon* series off to Sheila at DAW. Dragon•Thief is done for the moment, pending editorial revisions.
For those who start at the last page, here’s the last line:

Things really never go wrong in quite the way I expect.

Ending the Experiment

While the site is officially under construction I’ve gone and removed my experiment in republishing TeeK on my blog. I haven’t deleted the work, but I’m not leaving it public while it’s unfinished and I have no idea what to do with it. Apologies to anyone who was following it, but other writing projects took priority and I don’t have the time or resources to continue it.

And some actual news. . .

“My rival Dark Lord to the contrary, there is more than one way to offer a virgin sacrifice.”
—The Goddess Lysea

I have completed, more-or-less, the revised draft of Dragon•Thief. After some spelling and copy-editing, I should be turning it in to DAW by the 15th. Fans of the misadventures of thief Frank Blackthorne should be happy to know he does get what he wants, and it turns out about as badly as you’d expect.