Unexpected attention. . .

A year ago I blogged about Mr. Patrick Roscoe an asshat of epic proportions whose claim to fame is sending the following to a literary agent:

Colleen Lindsay:

Thank you for making it clear, through your response to my query, that you are unquipped (sic) to represent fiction writers who are working at the very highest level today.

Best of luck with your list of minor writers, third-rate writers, irrelevant writers, non-writers.

You lose, silly woman.

Patrick Roscoe

I pointed, I laughed, I moved on with my life. Imagine my surprise when today, in my spam filter, I find a comment from someone coming to defend Mr. Roscoe’s honor from such ill deserved mocking engage in an attempt at their own mockery at the expense of myself. Turns out, someone put my Roscoe post up on Reddit and it started a tiny little flame war with Mr. Roscoe’s champion. I’m sort of flattered.

Where Valentine goes from here

One of the things keeping me from blogging has been a rewrite on my unsold novel Valentine’s Night.  I’m nearing the end of that revision, and the MS has gone from 75K to around 95K, and that’s with some cutting.  I’ve attempted to address the issue that I think has kept it from selling, the lack of any depth to my antagonist.  It was one of those problems that no one really flat out said, it was subtle enough that most readers couldn’t put a finger on why they were disappointed.  I have to thank fellow novelist Linda Robertson for helping me zoom in on the problem.

She also said my title sounded like soft-core porn, so I have to fix that too.

Writer’s Conferences and Apotheosis Reviews

I will be presenting this weekend at The 20th Annual Western Reserve Spring Writers’ Conference: Saturday, March 26, 2011 8:30 a.m. – 1: 30 p.m.
My session will be 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

PLOTTING SCI-FI AND FANTASY: Plotting is the engine that makes a story go. You can populate your story with the most interesting characters in the world, have a gorgeous prose style, and present the most intricate world-building imaginable, but if the story has a weak or absent plot, it’ll just sit there inert, failing to engage the reader. S. Andrew Swann will present the questions you’ll need to ask in a SF/F story—and in fiction in general—in order to rev up that idling plot engine.

In other news, Heather Grove has posted three nice reviews of the Apotheosis trilogy over at Errant Dreams Reviews.

This weekend I will attend my first Millennicon. This is a bit of a haul in the car since Me and Cincinnati are on opposing sides of the state. (I’m actually closer to cons in PA than I am to Mellenicon. However, the drive promises to be shorter than the layover I was forced to endure coming back from Radcon.) Anyway, I set off on Friday and if you’re attending, hope to see you there. Here’s what my panel schedule looks like:

  • RPGs, storytelling and authorship Friday 09:00:00 PM McKinley
  • AUTOGRAPHS Saturday 04:00:00 PM Hotel Lobby
  • READING Saturday 07:00:00 PM MR 1210
  • Authors Straightjacket: Changing Genres Sunday 11:00:00 AM Harrison
  • Utopia vs. dystopia Sunday 01:00:00 PM McKinley
  • When to Use a Pseudonym Sunday 02:00:00 PM Taft

Yet more signage. . .

Again, on Saturday, I will be at a bookstore with a collection of other authors.  This time it will be at Backlist Books in Massillon where I’ll be appearing at 1pm with  Lucy Snyder, Gary Braunbeck, and Linda Robertson.

39 Lincoln Way E.
Massillon, OH, 44646

See me this Saturday. . .

I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble at Crocker Park, this Saturday March 05 at 1:00 PM. I’ll be signing books and talking about writing with Cinda Williams Chima, Mary Ellis, and Linda Robertson.

Barnes & Noble, Crocker Park
198 Crocker Park Boulevard,
Westlake, OH 44145