All Messiah all the time. . .

UPDATE: Seems to be an issue with the audio book, Audible seems to have not put the second half of it on-line yet.  I’ll let you know when that’s fixed.

UPDATE #2: As of  Feb 4, the book is still down at Audible.  If you have the truncated version, they assure me you’ll be able to download the complete version once it goes back on-line.  And, yes, I find it frustrating. . .

UPDATE #3: The audio is back up here.  The old link appears defunct.

Today the last book of Apotheosis, Messiah, officially comes out.  Not only have I added it to my book pages, but I’m elsewhere on the interwebs pontificating on my penchant for destroying the world.  You also have the chance to win a copy of your very own.

In other Messiah news, the audio book comes out today as well, in case you want the singularity apocalypse fed directly into the ear canal.

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  1. Looks like Audible screwed up the audiobook — while the previous two volumes were close to 14 hours each, Messiah clocks in at less than 9 hours. Looks like it only goes up to Chapter 25, so almost half the book is missing!

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