Two Blogish Things

link imageBlogish Thing #1: The Amazon/Macmillan thing continues rolling on, making Amazon look more and more the villian to those of us who write for a living.  Reactions are varied, and I’d like to endorse Scalzi’s call not to boycott, but to buy books from the affected authors.

Also like Scalzi, I’ve decided to stop with the default use of Amazon as the “book buy” link on my pages.  I’ve tweaked my template to give you the option to get my stuff from Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and Borders, as well as Amazon. As in the little screen capture to the right.

Blogish Thing #2: I’m up for a guest blog post today at SFF Insider.

ON WRITING VILLAINS : One of the trickier aspects of writing fiction is coming up with believable villains. It’s tricky enough that some writers eschew the idea of a villain entirely, and simply have an antagonist who opposes the “good guys” for perfectly good and reasonable reasons. Nothing wrong with that approach, and some of the best drama can be drawn from the conflict of two mutually exclusive “goods.”

But sometimes you need evil.

Go read the rest.

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