Of course the big story is Joe Kennedy’s loss in Mass.

I’m not up for much of a blog post for reasons I won’t go into, but since I opine on politics, and the Massachusetts senate race is probably the biggest political story for this half of 2010, I should probably make a comment about it.

To every Republican and Democrat out there: get over yourselves.  Guess what?  It is not some sort of sign from God that Massachusetts actually elected a progressive Republican, especially when the Democrats nominated a train wreck of a candidate.  Forget dissing local sports heroes and Fenway park or misspelling the state’s name.  You want toxic, Google “Coakley” and “curling iron.”

Democrats: this is just showing you what every poll has been telling you since August— your agenda is NOT popular.  You get one election win by not being Bush, but guess what, he ain’t president no more.  If a million people march on DC, ignoring them doesn’t make them go away.

Republicans: You better get your act together.  Brown’s win had little to do with the Republican leadership, and a lot to do with the kind of grass-roots campaign Obama wished he ran.  Looking at this as some sort of mandate, if you overdose on schadenfreude (as much fun as it is to picture Rham Emmanuel and Andy Stern gnashing their teeth and rending their garments), if you start acting as if the 2010 midterms as  an inevitable Republican landslide just because you are not Obama. . .  shall we just say that you can be just as stupid as the Democrats.

Fellow Libertarians: This may be the year to win something big.  With internet fund-raising, a charismatic candidate could successfully run against the hubris of both parities.

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  1. An interesting note. Despite the fact that the media COMPLETELY IGNORED Joe Kennedy, and he only had $18,000 to campaign with he received 22,000 votes.

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