Only one thing sadder than lame corprate attempts to be hip

It’s when the corporate stuffed shirts suddenly figure out what “hip” entails and backpedal like crazy. Short version: Microsoft attempts a advertising coup by sponsoring a sellout very special episode of Family Guy, then someone at Microsoft watches the episode, are they are shocked at the presence of (gasp) risque and off-color humor. Perhaps someone should have watched a few minutes of the series beforehand? The stupidity is so epic that I’m still wondering if this is some balloon-boy hoxish publicity stunt, but given Microsoft’s record with lame attempts at humor, I think not.

Too bad we’ve been denied such comedic jems as this:

Random thought about suspension of disbelief

I think the general audience for fiction, judging by current pop culture, is developing a more resilient suspension of disbelief. This occurred to me as I watched the last episode of Flashforward.  Now several years ago, a series like that would place the universe changing event at some (probably indeterminate) point in the future.  Major disaster movies avoided explicit references to dates because of the fear, probably justified, that if someone saw last month’s newspaper on the set of Eathquake, they’d be thrown out of the story.  Apparently, judging by Flashforward that’s no longer a concern.  Not only is the storyline explicitly contemporaneous, the date in the storyline is pretty much the air-date of the episode, but the President of the United States in the series is not Obama, and is in fact in a second term.  So its universe is definitively alternate history, diverging at least in 2004 if not earlier.

And it’s not just liberal Hollywood types and ACORN supporters

Apparently the GOP felt is was behind the curve when it came to the rape-apologist bandwagon.  Hell, if I parse this right, the amendment that these 30 asinine twits voted against wouldn’t make it illegal for a company to make a contract saying you can’t sue if their employees gang-rape you, it just said that we wouldn’t do business with you if you did.  Hey, de-funding organizations that facilitate rape?  Sound familiar?  Not only is this vote the moral equivalent of supporting the seething hive of corruption, ACORN, it was conducted for exactly the same reasons.  The apologists do not have the spine to act against the powers that keep them in office.  We just proved that there’s no real difference between McCain and Pelosi.  However, even on this specific issue, the democrats aren’t any better, since it looks like they’ll strip the provision from the bill themselves.

And people wonder why I’m Libertarian.

Truffle Update


The Lab is showing marked improvement in her mobility.  She’s still unable to stand on her own, but she can push the Trufflemobile around now without assistance (she still needs to be bribed with treats, but that’s different.) and last session at the pool she wasn’t having any of that stupid “taking a break” stuff, and managed to swim a whole length of the pool without assistance.  Then there are a host of other little things; she’s holding her head up a lot more, she’s not crossing her back legs when she’s held up, and generally seems to be in better spirits.  It looks like whatever is wrong, it isn’t degenerative myelopathy, otherwise she wouldn’t be improving like this.