Review Redux

This is a redo of a post that was eaten when my blog went all ‘splody.  I had done a little overview of a bunch of reviews I’d seen lately.

So let’s try this again:

  • Dear Author:
    “I would recommend this to those who are intrigued by the shifter myth and the philosophical bounds.”
  • Romance Reader’s Connection: “Romance, historical accuracy, and elements of science fiction cause WOLFBREED to be one of the very best novels I have read this year.”
  • Armchair Interviews: “This new look at the werewolf myth is intriguing and well worth your attention.”
  • Don D’Ammassa “It’s an adventure story in an historical setting with undertones of seriousness about tolerance and fanaticism and the nature of freedom. Another promising contender in a very crowded field.”
  • Lycanthrope Library “This is one of the best and most original werewolf novels I’ve read this year.”

In the original post I made some discussion about some critiques of Wolfbreed going on in the comments of the Dear Author review.  To reprise my main point:  I think that there’s a class of folks who may find the mixing of genre elements in the book a bit disconcerting.  If you expect a genre romance, you’ll find the broad outlines there, but I break a lot of the rules (not necesarrly by intent, but due to the fact it wasn’t written with any particular genre as a model) you’d be used to seeing in a romance.

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  1. To reiterate what I tried to post before: I agree that a lot of the hostility seemed to come from reviewers not being able to strictly classify your novel. And thanks for writing this one.

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