Publishing is not a Zero-Sum game

But an asshat named Robert Stanek seems to think otherwise.  This gentleman appears to think that anyone’s success comes at the expense of his own career.  I’ve heard of misguided authors trying to game Amazon to pump up their own work, but this has got to be the most vindictive wrinkle I’ve yet heard about.  I mean, dude, WTF did Patrick Rothfuss do you you, other than sell better?  I mean, at least I can understand the motive behind you going after David Louis Edelman, I mean he did let everyone know how you (badly) Photoshopped yourself into a book signing.   Even the vendetta against Jim C. Hines, at least he was critical of you in the comments of his little anti-self-publishing anti-asinine-self-publishing-tactics post.  But this sockpuppet jihad against the Name of the Wind?  Makes no sense.

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  1. Hm … I don’t know that I’d label that rant as anti-self-publishing. I get accused of being a self-publishing hater sometimes, which isn’t the case. I do hate some of the tactics used by some of the more desperate authors, and those tactics tend to be a lot more common from self-published authors.

    Anyway, my own defensiveness aside, yeah. How dare Rothfuss write a good book and succeed where others have failed? Rothfuss must be punished for his impertinence!

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