Something to think about

| May 29, 2009

To all Republicrats: If you look at the insane amount of spending out there, have you considered that this may in part be a result of this? Everyone who talks about reforming government corruption begins and ends at campaign finance reform. It may be worth it to think of how much payola would be corrupting […]

Sorta like setting an oil derrick on fire to protest global warming

| May 28, 2009

Boing-Boing tells us of a lil Canadian think-tank report. The Conference Board of Canada (sounds so official, I trust them already) who’re self-characterized as “the foremost, independent, not-for-profit applied research organization in Canada. Objective and non-partisan. We do not lobby for specific interests” (you know they’re independent, they said so.) had been paid by the […]

Ten Commendments for writers who blog

| May 27, 2009

Inspired by a couple of panels I was on at Marcon: Never post anything you wouldn’t want read by your boss, spouse, child, or grandmother. Never “correct” reviews of your work.  You can ignore them, or point out they exist, but don’t start an argument with a critic.  Even if you win you lose. Don’t […]

Lost again

| May 26, 2009

The long weekend allowed me to finally catch up and watch the season finale of Lost. I thought it was impressive, not only in the elaborate head-trip they managed to pull, but in the way it provides, like the last two finales, not just a wrap-up of the prior season, but as a setup for […]

Back from Columbus

| May 25, 2009

I’m back from doing the panelist thing at Marcon.  And in the picture I’m playing the author-on-display with Toby Buckell, Paul Melko, and Charles Findlay.  Charlie ended up selling way more books than the rest of us combined (the bastard).  Still a fun time, and it’s nice to hang out will fellow writers, solitary profession […]

Things I would blog bout, had I the time

| May 22, 2009

There’s Maureen Dowd’s plagiarism. The persecution of Ron White. White people getting tied in knots by attempting to be racially sensitive. Think global buy local applied to the manufacturing sector.

For a change, a politician who is not corrupt

| May 21, 2009

This does not mean the guy does not have issues. May I present, for your consideration, Andrew Mizsak, 28 year old member of the Bedford School Board, who also works as an independent political consultant. Perhaps he’s done consulting for his mom, who serves on the Bedford city council. If he has, I hope he […]

Or not

| May 20, 2009

Well, my editorial phone call was deferred until probably next week, so space opera is deferred. This is probably a good thing, gives me a chance to concentrate on Marcon and my release party for Prophets. (When is it, you ask? Well it is 4pm on Saturday in Room 501 in the Hyatt Regency Columbus.)

Shifting Gears Again

| May 19, 2009

Going to talk about Heretics with Sheila @ DAW this evening, and go over (hopefully minor) editorial rewrites. This means I have shifted from medieval werewolves back to post-singularity space opera. . . I’m this far from writing about post-singularity werewolves. But that’s another novel.

Star Trek

| May 18, 2009

Since I think I have to turn in my SFWA card if I don’t express an opinion on this movie, I went this weekend.  And well, IMHO, it rocks.  That is probably old news to everyone, and my opinion is probably no surprise to anyone who knows my history as a J. J. Abrams fanboy.  […]