And now, asshats with video

Here’s some background. There’s this little comedy show about current events, you might have heard of it, it’s called the Daily Show. There’s also this sotra-kinda-wants-to-be-a-cable-news-network-when-it-grows-up called CNBC. Now, if you’re asked to appear as a guest on the Daily Show, as Mr. Rick Santelli was, after going on a rant like this:

You have to be smart enough to know what Jon Stewart is going to make of you, right? Right? Then why do you accept and then back out?  Do you think the result will make you look better? Oh my. Here is the Daily Show episode in question, online, for your enjoyment.  Rick Santelli by being a wuss and an asshat, brought upon CNBC the wrath of Jon Stewart, which ironically, means that the clips aired on the Daily Show have now had the highest ratings ever for a CNBC segment.

We also have to give asshat props to Jim Cramer for desperately doing the NBC talk show circuit insisting that Jon Stewart is only a “comedian” who doesn’t really understand the intricate financial knowledge and training it takes to make such a stunningly insightful call as saying that Bear Stearns was fine, six days before it imploded.  Let’s face it, Stewart was just mean, and made the poor man cry.

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  1. I prefer when satire “kicks upward”, i.e. mocks the mighty and powerful. People who gamble with absurd amounts of money which isn’t theirs are powerful; they deserve mockery and then some.

    (In all fairness, though: Jon Stewart was beaten to the punch many years ago when a network channel showed a chimp who made better stock picks than a human expert! I saw that segment on TV. )

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