Or, do you want Rahm Emanuel to know where you surf?

Here’s the thing I’m trying to get across.  All those of you who voted for change?  Pretty much a Fail if you ask me.  Not because I have anything in particular against Mr. Obama, but because Democrats and Republicans are pretty much the exact same creatures until you get on the whackass fringes where people get to be sincere because no one in Washington actually takes them seriously.  (My dream ticket of Ron Paul vs. Dennis Kucinich.)  The Democrats are not “change” they are exactly the same type of statist big-government control freaks as the Republicans, just with different rhetoric.  Example, you ask?  Well, the Democrats want to know your every move so they can tax you more efficiently, the Republicans want to know your every move so they can  protect us from “criminals looking to harm innocent children.”  (And we all want to protect the children, don’t we?)

So, to share my crown of bipartisan asshatery with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, I now present to you Senator John Cornyn R-Texas who wants all ISPs and Wi-Fi hot-spots to maintain logs of your internet activity for two years, up to and including your wireless home router.  Every-fucking-thing that uses DHCP, from your employers’ network, VOIP services, Starbucks, the local Library, the guy down the street with open WiFi, the Holiday Inn.  All of these would be required to save and maintain “all records or other information pertaining to the identity of a user of a temporarily assigned network address the service assigns to that user.”

But yeah, you Democrats are probably right, things fundamentally changed on Jan 20th and the US Government is now all sunshine and rainbows and will never ever try and abuse its power or suppress dissent ever ever again.

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  1. Steve, have you been following this backscatter X-ray scanning issue? They claim it’s harmless, it delivers such a small dose — but why the hell should we believe them?

    And, no, at my age, I’m not really thrilled about people in the city I live in — even if they are TSA workers at Hopkins — scanning my naked bod.

    Or, WTF! At any age!

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