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You may have heard that Realms of Fantasy is marked for death right now.  However, there is an on-line community attempting to save it.  I joined up on Facebook, and here is a message from the people running the effort:

Subject: Blog to Save Realms!!

Dear Save Realms members,

Thank you for joining us. We’re off to a promising start with over 300 members in just five days. Now it’s time to up the ante. In order to gather enough support to save our beloved mag, we have to get the word out in a big way. That means blogging.

Realms of FantasyIf we can all post a message about our efforts on our own personal blogs–be they at Word Press, LJ, etc., we have a much better chance of gaining the monumental support we need to make saving RoF a reality. If every one of us can reach just one new person and that person blogs about the movement, who knows how many new people we can recruit? Facebook & LJ are great, but we need to reach the industry in other ways. A viral campaign is necessary to our success.

Right now the goal is to get as many people behind us as possible so we can enter into talks with the people at Realms and Sovereign Media with a serious support base. Several solid ideas have already been suggested by various community members for how to keep the magazine running. All will require financial and word-of-mouth support from the community. With enough people however, our goal can and will be realized. At this time the most important thing is to express our communal desire to keep Realms alive and amass as big a following as possible. So please, if you have a blog, let your friends and fans know what we’re doing. Link them to this page (Save Realms of Fantasy Magazine) or to the Live Journal community (

Mag saving strategies are still welcome and open to discussion. If you have an idea please post to the Wall or the Discussion Board. This effort has to come from us–but I know we can rise to challenge.

Now get blogging!
The Mods

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