Fooling around with the social network

| January 30, 2009

Added links to FriendFeed and Scribid to my footer. Scribid is a social document-sharing site where I’ve put up PDF versions of my Plot and Worldbuilding essays as well as my short stories The Long View and The Heavens Fall. FriendFeed is an aggregator of social content streams, so it mashes up my content from […]

Steven Krane RIP 1999 – 2009

| January 29, 2009

Yes, the persona known around here as “that stupid pseudonym” is officially put to rest.  This past weekend the three novels written by he-who-is-no-longer-to-be-named had their rights revert back to me.  This means that Teek, The Omega Game, and Stranger Inside, when they again see print, will probably be under the Swann byline. Just for […]

Two down, one to go.

| January 28, 2009

Just wrapped up the draft of Heretics, YEA! Something over a hundred thousand words of epic destruction as I continue in my apocalyptic deconstruction of the Hostile Takeover universe. I’ll be doing some fixing up of the draft this week (a few retroconned scenes here, some backfill there, epigrams everywhere) and should get a copy […]

Recurring theme

| January 27, 2009

Earlier I posted about truthful book covers discovered from mightygodking.  Now, (via Smart Bitches through a post that only seems to exist in my RSS feed), Holy Taco brings you honest movie posters.

Latest news on the writing front

| January 26, 2009

List of stuff that’s happened in my career lately in lieu of a full blog post: Just got Bantam’s cover art for Lilly’s Song, and it kicks ass (will post as soon as they confirm I can post it to the web).  I got an equally kick-ass blurb from George R. R. Martin for it: […]

Friday Movie Trailers

| January 23, 2009

First off, the wonderfully demented Z-budget film, Astro Zombies, alas John Carradine, what the hell happened to you?

Apple keeps you safe from dirty words

| January 22, 2009

Here is a nasty little side-effect of dedicated e-readers that few people, if any have addressed.  In addition to any and all deficiencies they might have compared to print, we have a situation in some cases where there’s a single portal through which data flows.  Apple has recently given us a glimpse of what could […]

When Klausner speaks, my feeds go crazy

| January 21, 2009

Well, I know the precise moment that the entity known as Harriet Klausner got her hands on an advance copy of Prophets.  It was this weekend, possibly Sunday a few minutes before 9:40 AM.  That’s when this post hit my Google Reader (yes I have a RSS feed of a Google vanity search, what’s it […]

Welcome to the new site

| January 20, 2009

I’ve done a lot of work changing things around here, while there’s a superficial similarity in the blog’s overall appearance, the back end of things has changed substantially.  The first, most obvious change, is the fact that my home page is now a separate entity from my blog.  To go directly to my blog, the […]

Genrewonk Interviews Toby Bukell

| January 19, 2009

It’s a new year and I’ve decided to start doing some new things with this here blog of mine.  And one of these new features will be interviews with genre authors about subjects I find interesting.  And first out of the gate is Tobias Buckell.  Toby is a SF author and fellow Ohioan who has […]