Supidity Backflow

From Dear Author we have something that just amazes me in shear economic WTFry.

We all know at the wonderful, and oh so successful, way that major content providers (MPAA, RIAA, Viacom etc.) have tried to impose 19th century “this is my widget” mentality to IP law in the digital age. The stupidity these major interests have unleashed onto the legal system and Teh Internets is almost beyond human comprehension. But this draconian effort, suing dancing babies and all, has worked so well that some geniuses in the print realm have decided to take this line of thought back into the physical brick and mortar world.

They want royalties on used books.

Do I even need to explain why this is toxic waste masquerading as a business model? Hell, let’s just suck all the life out of the secondary market so when my books go out of print we can insure that no one ever hears of me ever again. Let’s make it more economic to pulp all these copies then have someone else read them. Good plan. Maybe you can add a review tax, there’s another cannibalistic income stream. Oh, and charge to view the cover blurb…

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  1. Indulging further in the sarcasm: they could also charge a royalty to libraries each time the book is checked out or removed from the shelf for perusal.

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