2008 Asshat Countdown #4: Authors behaving badly

One prevalent characteristic of the most entertaining asshats is the tendency to have pathologically extreme reactions to perceived slights that end up being more destructive to the asshat in question than their intended target.  Not just foot in mouth, but foot, leg, and torso in an ever-diminishing spiral that vanishes into an alternate universe of asshattery.  A quintessential example of the suicide bomber school of internet intimidation would be author Victoria Laurie, who graced this blog back in late August.

This quivering bundle of maturity thought it great fun to publicly threaten her fans with unflattering tuckerization and then when a blogger points out that her statements might be a little unwise and somewhat unbecoming, she flips out and starts sending bogus threats about copyright infringement.  All this, to her complete and utter surprise,  draws more internet attention to her and makes her look like even more of an psychotic loon.  After a bit of sputtering, she does the only rational thing, she nukes her blog.

Well that all worked remarkably well.

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