5 Replies to “Urban Fantasy Butt Parade”

  1. These are obviously targeting a male audience! Hey – Perhaps “Backs and corsets” would be a nice cover style for Lilly’s Song.

  2. Actually, it’s a female audience. We like to believe our heroines are 1. like us and 2. really hot, cos then we are too.

  3. Yeah, the Anita Blake customer base skews *heavily* female. The placement of random T&A in inappropriate milieus is certainly something that usually can be blamed on pandering to men, but I don’t think this qualifies. And criminy, what’s with all the tramp stamps? Or ass antlers, to be less explicitly misogynist. Do the marketing departments of these publishers still think it signals hip rebellion to their audiences…and are they right? From my perspective in San Francisco (one of those hip urban centers they’re selling), it’s like trying to appeal to goths by having the protagonist smoke cloves in a coffee shop while they read Camus (in French). Not only cliche, but *outdated* cliche; so far gone you can only assume it’s tongue-in-cheek.

    Also, when did “urban fantasy” turn into romance-with-vampires? Not that I’m dismissive of other people’s choice of entertainment, given my own inclinations towards books *I’d* prefer not to have to justify, but urban fantasy to me means /Neverwhere/ or /Perdido Street Station/.

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