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The good news is that DAW’s going to re-issue my two Cleveland Portal novels, Dragons of the Cuyahoga and Dwarves of Whiskey Island in an omnibus edition due out August 2009. W000t!

The bad news, Sheila at DAW told me this yesterday, and she needs me to give her a title for the thing by Tuesday. And if you’ve followed my agonizing over the title for Lilly’s Song, you know this is a bit of a tight deadline for me… At least for a title.

Wish me luck.

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  1. You could call it “Browns Fever: Books 1 & 2 of the Cleveland Portal Series”. I say “Browns Fever” as if I remember correctly, the portal opened during a Browns/Steelers game. Besides, “Browns Fever” would make it more marketable.

  2. “Dragons and Politics, More Than Just the River is Crooked”

    Might be too long 🙂 How about “Crooked Dragons, Dwarves and Rivers”

  3. That’s a difficult proposition. I recall when I first saw the cover of Dragons of the Cuyahoga, I grinned, because the title perfectly conveyed the basic premise in just four words: a collision between a fantasy realm and the real world. Had the first book been titled The Dwarves of Whiskey Island, my beer money would have gone to a nice microbrew that week.

    So here are some suggestions:

    The Realm of the Cuyahoga
    The Cleveland Portal
    Fires of the Cuyahoga (a not terribly sly reference to that time the river caught fire)

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