Look at the panda.

Missed a blog post because I’m going down south to be at my sister’s wedding.  Making  bit of a vacation out of it, so I was at the Atlanta Zoo today.  So here is a cute panda picture:


And more cuteness. . .

And now a lizard, a real big lizard. . .

Oh Noes! The Internet died.


Over the weekend my DSL=gone. (Last post was actually in the queue before the outage)  And while I had a tech scheduled to come out, the line problem fixed itself sometime early Monday.  The roughly 36 hours without the Internet brought home exactly how much we rely on it now.  Especially when me and the missus were parked in the Solon Arabica parking lot trying to log on to our e-mail late Sunday night.

This also makes me think that the trend toward effciency, productivity, doing more, quicker with less, is leading us to a society that is built on too many systems with a single point of vulnrability.  A decade or two ago any retail store would be able to sell something during a blackout.  Now, if the power’s gone, they can’t.  Not just because the cashier can’t make change without a machine to tell them the amount, but because no one marks the prices on products anymore.  We have all these applications living in the cloud (this blog included) with pushes for more, what happens when there’s a large internet outage over a section of the country?  How many business will that cripple or destroy?

YouTube Playlist

Because I post a lot of YouTube videos on my blog, I have created a playlist that compiles them all. Also, I’m putting up links to social networking-type things up on the sidebar to the right, under the search box. Things like my YouTube channel, and my Facebook page.

Greenspan to Congress: “Oops, My Bad.”

Well he’s shocked, shocked I tell you.  Quoth the Fed Chair who served under presidents and congresses of both parties, we’re suffering from a “once-in-a-century credit tsunami.”  He explains his shockedatude by saying to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: “That is precisely the reason I was shocked because I’d been going for 40 years or more with very considerable evidence that it was working exceptionally well.”

Mr. Greenspan seems oblivious to the following: there’s precisely a 40% chance of a once-in-a-century event happening within a given forty-year period.  Would you stake the world economy on a financial policy that had a fifty percent chance of collapse over the next fifty years?  What a twit.

Writing in circles

I’ve always thought of myself as a primarily linear writer. I start writing on page one, and I keep writing until I reach the end. I rarely, if ever, skip around while writing a draft. I’ve occasionally written a dramatic scene from the center of a book before writing the material around it (The first tower scene in Dwarves of Whiskey Island comes to mind) but those have been the exceptions. At least, that’s the way I looked at it. . .

The current WIP has shown me that, in a sense, my linear writing model is something of an illusion. I’ve been switching POV like Sybil on crack, indulging in flashbacks, and otherwise jumping across vast stretches of space and time. Halfway through, I’ve discovered that just reordering the order of the chapters makes the whole thing flow in a much more natural manner. Really, I wasn’t writing linearly, my draft was jumping back and forth at will, and I was subconsciously indulging in a lot of narrative tricks to pretend that things were in the order I wrote them.

Now that I think of it, I’ve never gone through a rewrite where I didn’t end up re-ordering some of the scenes. Maybe I’m not so linear.

And the title is:

Pending confirmation from DAW, the title is going to be either:

  • Journalists and Dragons: Stories of the Cleveland Portal


  • Journalists, Dragons and Dwarves: Stories of the Cleveland Portal

I think I’m more partial to the second one.

UPDATE: Sheila didn’t like the word “Journalist” so the title will be:

  • Dragons and Dwarves: Stories of the Cleveland Portal

Over the Hump

Just a little small celebratory post, I’ve passed the halfway mark in both the Apotheosis trilogy and the current book Heretics. Which, since this is the middle book of the trio, it sort of makes sense both milestones would coincide. Yesterday the Hamsters eviscerated another 20K of this draft and I was reminded of exactly why I still workshop this stuff.

But I still need a title, damn it.