My sausage, watch me make it (now with weird video)

Just a note on a little experiment I am doing. One of the useful bits I got from Context (aside from reminding various people that I still exist) was a talk on effective blogging given by Toby Buckell. One of many points he made was the idea that regularity was pretty important. (As in, a single post the same time every Wed. was probably more effective than a random smattering of three posts during the week.) So with the help of WordPress’ scheduling function I am going to attempt to smooth out my anarchic posting habits. Things should be popping up her now between 8-9 AM on weekdays. This seems to be a peek time for reading blogs, you slacker.

Just so this isn’t all navel gazing, here’s a video that my wife described as an abuse of music. (From Weird Universe.)

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