Lilli’s big day

Saturday we took the dogs to a great place called “Bow Wow Beach” which is, as you can deduce from the name, a dog park. It is, in fact a pretty damn sweet dog park that includes seven fenced-in acres, its own lake, and about five Wimbledon’s worth of tennis balls. Lilly had a blast, mostly at the expense of our nine-year-old dim bulb of a Labrador, Truffles.

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  1. Oh my god she looks like Capella.Nice build , better bone’s than Pella. Lilli look’s great!!!!!!!!!!!I m so glad to hear from you Michelle .Lilli look’s great and I can tell she is very Loved. Thank you for telling me about your blog and I can’t wait to get pictures I can keep. Lilli is as big as Truffles !Sharon

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