My sausage, watch me make it (now with weird video)

| September 30, 2008

Just a note on a little experiment I am doing. One of the useful bits I got from Context (aside from reminding various people that I still exist) was a talk on effective blogging given by Toby Buckell. One of many points he made was the idea that regularity was pretty important. (As in, a […]

Actually, yeah you CAN write near-future SF

| September 29, 2008

According to Charlie Stross: We are living in interesting times; in fact, they’re so interesting that it is not currently possible to write near-future SF. He has a few points about the hazards of planning a near-future SF novel in a plausible fashion, the most important IMHO being the long lead time between writing and […]

We Can Haz Book Trailer?

| September 26, 2008

Prophets comes out in March 2009, and in advance of it coming out I have made my first attempt at a book trailer. The images are from NASA, a godsend for folks looking for spectacular royalty-free sfnal imagery. The music comes from Kevin MacLeod who runs a great music site that allows a broad range […]

Out of Context/In Context

| September 26, 2008

Just a note that I will be showing up at Context 21 Saturday and Sunday. I’m on three panels: 11:30 AM SAT How To Build A Dystopia 1:00 PM SAT Genre Labels 1:00 PM SUN Are Agents Necessary? I’m not going to be there tonight though, so don’t look for me. . .

Random thoughts on the coming Apocalypse

| September 25, 2008

Does anyone else find it amusing (I laugh so I do not cry) that both campaigns started immediately pointing fingers at each other about all the Freddie Mac and Fannie May insiders that pepper both their campaigns? Am I the only one who sees McCain’s “OMG lets stop campaigning and deal with the crisis” as […]

Lilli’s big day

| September 21, 2008

Saturday we took the dogs to a great place called “Bow Wow Beach” which is, as you can deduce from the name, a dog park. It is, in fact a pretty damn sweet dog park that includes seven fenced-in acres, its own lake, and about five Wimbledon’s worth of tennis balls. Lilly had a blast, […]

One Third. . .

| September 20, 2008

Officially got to 33% of Heretics today.  So far I am on course to get this thing done by year end.

Some thoughts about fan fiction

| September 20, 2008

More or less randomly I was reading a thread on the Agony Booth and got thinking about fan fiction and how it relates to writing more generally. I generally look at fan fiction as a benign thing, as long as the fan work doesn’t start infringing on the rights of the original, (i.e. isn’t commercial.) […]

Today’s excuse

| September 17, 2008

Power is back. Now I have the flu. I preferred the blackout.

Why I might be lax in posting. . .

| September 15, 2008

The remains of hurricane Ike came by and messed up the power grid in NE Ohio.  No internet access at home or at the day job right now.  I’m in a coffee shop that’s avoided the outages right now. So, at least I can get my writing done. Considering the devestation this storm has left […]