The housing market is worse than I thought

| May 31, 2008

Judging by this ad at least:It may just be me, but dancing skeletons do not fill me with the urge to refinance. They fill me with the urge to stock up on canned goods, toilet paper, duct tape and shotgun shells.

Chronologically Incorrect Storytelling

| May 27, 2008

I just finished watching the anime The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi in the original broadcast order, which renders it the most non-linear TV show I’ve ever seen outside of Lost. Only two pairs of shows in the 14-episode series follow each other chronologically. And it works, not just on a narrative level, but thematically with […]


| May 22, 2008

NOTE: This only applies to Blogger, not WordPress. I just got comment-spammed, so I’m switching on the word verification in the comments.And, BTW, if you post something with the name “winlotto” I’m probably going to delete it no matter how “nice” you say my blog is.

Up and running.

| May 18, 2008

Well I’ve now got my shiny new blog/website up and running. I haven’t officially changed sites yet, but it’s going well enough to allow people to surf on over for a test drive. Stop by and let me know what you think. The url (for now) is

Everybody Polka

| May 16, 2008

Warning: Cognitive dissonance ahead. Continuing with the Rammstein theme, proof that the Germans and the Japanese are up to something again. . .

Blog Update

| May 12, 2008

I am working hard on the new site, pulling over the Blogger entries as needed. The main time-sink in getting the thing ready is pulling over the old home-page. I didn’t realize how much content was sitting there, all of which I’m trying to integrate into the new WordPress site. There’re at least two pages […]

Iron Man: how to make a superhero movie right

| May 8, 2008

I just saw Iron Man and, IMO it is probably one of the best superhero adaptations made since Superman. It could have gone so very, very, wrong. We have a prolonged origin story, the driven hero with personal demons, the avuncular villian we see coming a mile away, a political subtext about weapons proliferation combined […]

Apparently the books I sent to Iraq were a waste. . .

| May 6, 2008

At least according to our latest asshat, none other than Stephen King. I’ve never thought of him as having a big mouth, but apparently it is just large enough to hold a foot. Quoth King: I don’t want to sound like an ad, a public service ad on TV, but the fact is if you […]

Changes afoot

| May 5, 2008

If I seem to be blogging a bit less, it isn’t because I’ve stopped playing with my blog. I have finally decided to take the plunge and get my own web host. The good news is that WordPress imports from Blogger pretty damn slick, and with a few judicious configuration changed to the permalink format, […]