Well that’s inappropriate.

| March 28, 2008

The following clip raped my childhood (NWS audio)This one probably rapes some poor Brit’s childhood. (Again NWS audio.)This one just rapes you. (Work safe, but not sanity safe.) Blame the Agony Booth, not me.

In case you’re wondering

| March 26, 2008

Now that I finished the unscheduled spec novel (the first draft anyway) I am now in the throes of doing an editorial rewrite on Wolfbreed #1 (did I mention I need titles?) which will probably take me through mid-April (tax day, wheee). After that’s done the plan is now to attack the second book of […]

Happy Easter

| March 23, 2008

Hitting the ground running

| March 22, 2008

The first line is always a bitch. Every story needs a hook to draw the reader into it, and your primary tool is those first few words on the first page. Intimidating to think that the entire weight of thousands and thousands of words can be sitting on the shoulders of, at most, a few […]

Unrepentant self-satisfaction

| March 20, 2008

A couple of woo-hoos: First off, Anne at Bantam has given the ok to the outline I submitted for Wolfbreed #2 (titles, I need titles.) which means that I can go ahead with it as soon as I get the next DAW book out of the way. Second off, we are retiring the Valentine’s Night […]

Spam followup

| March 19, 2008

Well, the annoying spam-meisters who’ve been peppering me with ads for self-published books have ended up on the radar of Writer Beware. I should point out that if your publicist spammer includes in their subscriber list harvested emails someone who works to publicize nasty scams that target neophyte authors (i.e. things like charging to spam […]

3 things No Country For Old Men can tell us about storytelling

| March 13, 2008

A thread on the Agony Booth got me thinking of this movie again (see, they don’t just talk about crappy film there) and like Lost, it is unconventionally structured which in some ways highlights some of the storytelling mechanics. So I thought I’d come up with another list (which may be spoilery.) 1) Any time […]

Sir, please back away from the sex scandal

| March 12, 2008

Ok, there are some internet folks out there that need a whopping cluebat of perspective. May I please provide your clue: Sexual solicitation is a non-partisan activity Spending $20 bucks for a blow job in an airport bathroom my be sleazier than buying the service of a $5000 call girl in a luxury hotel, but […]

Here we go again

| March 7, 2008

Like I mentioned with Wolfbreed #1 some time ago, there’s a point in every novel I’ve written where I feel like, “OMG what kind of garbage am I writing here?” It always happens in the last third of the book. I hit a wall where I feel everything I’ve written is total shit and I […]

Please explain this

| March 7, 2008

I just saw a guy wearing a snowsuit that was hunter orange camouflage. What’s the point?