This Is Not the Blog You’re Looking For.

| December 10, 2007

As I’ve done before, here are some more of the interesting phrases folks were Googling when they came across my blog. J.K Rowling is a liberal bitch (holy crap, this is the first site listed?!) Pink Aliens (#2 after the Star Trek wiki) ZARDOZ AS A FEMINIST FILM (yes, all caps. and quite the opposite […]

Meme Ahoy!

| December 9, 2007

Caught this from Maureen McHugh’s blog.Meme: Post the first line of your first journal entry of each month for 2007. (One thing strikes me doing this, how quickly Wolfbreed went from idea to sale.) January, I’m Back. . . And actually moderating comments. February, New Blogger Well, I just spent a good two hours updating […]

Apparently, Furries Drink Lots of French OJ.

| December 7, 2007

I guess this means that it’s a shade more likely that Forests of the Night might make it to the big screen. I don’t know if that’s exactly a good thing.

Microsoft, the Beast That Cannot be Fed

| December 7, 2007

You may have heard of the non-profit initiative called “One Laptop Per Child.” It is essentially an attempt to bridge the technology divide between the technological west and the developing world. OLPC was founded by Nicholas Negroponte with the goal of producing a laptop as cheaply as possible and provide it to schoolchildren all over […]

Successfully Clawing My Way Up From the Bottom of the Midlist

| December 6, 2007

At least that’s how it’s looking. With help from my kick-ass agent, Eleanor, I’ve sold Wolfbreed and a subsequent novel to Anne Groell at Bantam/Spectra for an advance a bit more than three times what DAW was giving me. Contracts are being written as we speak, and by this time next month, I will be […]

Watch This Space. . .

| December 4, 2007

By the end of the week I expect to have a big announcement.

And in the interest of equal time. . .

| December 4, 2007

Christians can be stupid too. The minister with the stuffed pig is really on the same moral level as the idiots in Sudan who were demonstrating to have that teacher executed over a teddy bear. I have the really sad feeling that the ultimate apocalypse will be waged over something this idiotic.

The Problem When a Politician Lacks a Sense of Humor. . .

| December 4, 2007

. . . is they don’t realize they’re being unintentionally funny until it’s too late.

Guess What I Got in the Mail Today?

| December 1, 2007

This is my prize for winning Scalzi’s LOLCreation contest. Just showed up today. In case you can’t read the inscription, it says: “To Steve, who does not do logic wrong.”