On looking stupid, clueless, and unprofessional. . .

| November 30, 2007

SFWA is becoming an on-line spectator sport. I’m not going to go into too much depth here, as the bandwidth expended on this is already reaching critical mass. I’ll only comment by posing the following rhetorical question: If the chair of your e-piracy committee screws up so bad that it makes your whole organization look […]

How *not* to sell your book

| November 30, 2007

You may have read my earlier post on how not to query agents. Here’s a follow up, using another spam message I got recently. I am genuinely mystified at the thought processes that produce things like this. Spam in general is only effective because it only requires .01% of the recipients to respond and order […]

Why Mixing Religion and Government is Bad

| November 29, 2007

Sudan doesn’t like your teddy bears. Britain’s foreign secretary said he was “very concerned” about the case of a UK teacher who was in court Thursday, facing charges of offending religion by allowing a teddy bear to be named “Mohammed.” Not only is is an appalling case of “let’s persecute the westerner” but by their […]

Stupid for Sale, 3 cents a word

| November 28, 2007

(Scalzi @ Whatever alerted me to this.) Note to aspiring writers: Don’t submit stuff to Dragon Magazine, just don’t. They are paying a whopping 3-6 cents a word for all rights. ALL RIGHTS. ALL!!!! This means you can’t re-sell it, you can’t put it on your website, podcast or whatever. You can’t translate it and […]

Bonus Kitty

| November 24, 2007

This homeless waif accosted us while we were unloading groceries a couple of weeks ago, rubbing our legs and mewing incessantly. Since there’re coyotes in the neighborhood (I had seen two crossing the street earlier that evening) we took the creature in and placed her on the sun porch, segregated from “our” cats. We posted […]

10 Things I learned this Thanksgiving

| November 23, 2007

When you put 2 leaves in our dining-room table it doesn’t fit in a 10×11 dining room. The standard 8 pc. place setting that most of us get for a weeding gift will be inadequate once you start hosting the extended family for holidays, it is good to have a spare one. Despite what it […]

LOL is Win!

| November 21, 2007

Wo hoo! I won Scalzi’s LOLCreation contest with the following entry: If you’ve read my earlier post on Science Religion you probably know why, though I’m respectful of people’s belief systems, I find the concept behind the Creation Museum eminently mockable. Here’s the point: Faith = The belief in a spiritual or moral truth without […]

I guess I knew this

| November 19, 2007

A blog post elsewhere led me to an online political philosophy quiz where I scored thusly: Progressive/Conservative score: 8 – Moderate Progressive (“You think the progressive movement is usually well intentioned, but is sometimes too extreme in its ways”) Capitalist Purist/Social Capitalist Score: 6 – Economic Moderate (“You support an economy that is by and […]

Don’t ask quesions, just click the link

| November 17, 2007


Worldbuilding Essay

| November 13, 2007

Is now on Scribd, after being on my website for ages, I made a PDF of it and released it to the world. Plot will follow at some point.