Singularity Happens

| October 31, 2007

L. E. Modesitt, Jr. wrote a long post on his blog on why he believes the singularity won’t happen. [via SF Signal] According to Modesitt, it won’t happen because such visions are based on technology, not on humanity and they’re based on a western European/North American cultural chauvinism. He goes on to explain: One of […]

When book covers do it right

| October 27, 2007

Working on Apotheosis (going well, thank you for asking) I’ve found myself digging in my old notes for Hostile Takeover. And I found a little sketch I made of the character Flower, when I was figuring out what the Volerans looked like. Now I’m not a very good artist (I was a lot better before […]

Picture of the Alpha Dog

| October 25, 2007

New Space Opera

| October 24, 2007

There seems to be two main “movements” in science fiction (and I’m talking about science fiction, not the broader speculative fiction/fantasy etc.) at this point in time. Both were mentioned in the editorial in the October ’07 issue of Asimov’s. The first is the manifesto-wielding vanguard of Mundane SF that I’ve mentioned in an earlier […]

I had to do it….

| October 23, 2007

The End of Magazines. . .

| October 23, 2007

Following upon my post about the oft-predicted demise of the printed book, and my opinion that it ain’t going to happen any time soon, I come across a blog post by Warren Ellis (via SF Signal) about the tumbling circulation figures of the major print SF magazines, a term that seems to be becoming an […]

Ok, I Think Everyone Needs to Get a Grip

| October 22, 2007

What the hell is going on here? J. K. Rowling makes an aside about the backstory of one of her characters– something that’s not mentioned, or even evident in the text of the book– and people start freaking out. Right now there are like 40+ comments on two separate posts on Whatever. There’s nearly 150 […]

J. K. Rowling Throws the Slashfic Writers a Bone

| October 21, 2007

Well J. K. Rowling has confirmed that Dumbledore was gay, and you know something is very strange when the sexual preference of a fictional character is a major story on CNN. I’m just saying. . . I just hope things go well for the headmaster of Hogwarts. After all, we all know how badly things […]

The Great Internet Echo Chamber

| October 19, 2007

Well, predictably, there’s a thread on Whateveresque (not to be confused with Whatever) that delves into the Doctrow/Le Guin mess in all its retarded glory, and does so in flametastic eloquence I couldn’t even begin to match. . .

Disney Explains Fair Use & Copyright

| October 18, 2007

Haven’t posted a clip here in a while. Here’s one I found via the SFWA blog. (Irony again.) Here we have Walt Disney characters explaining the concept of fair use and copyright. Made by professor Eric Faden of Bucknell University. For added fun, count up how many of the characters are based on prior work.