Chugging along. . .

| September 27, 2007

I finally feel as if the Hostile Takeover sequel is moving forward reasonably well. This should make Sheila at DAW happy, she’s been waiting for it for an inordinately long time. Wolfbreed aside, I had stalled on the project because I hadn’t decided who the main characters were. I had characters all over the place, […]

Toads Go Boom. . .

| September 26, 2007

Ok, this BBC Story is scary and funny at the same time. Thousands of the amphibians have died in recent days in a pond in Hamburg’s Altona district, with their bodies swelling to bursting point. The toads’ entrails are propelled for up to a metre (3.2ft), in scenes that have been likened to science fiction. […]

Retrocon Ahoy! (Continuity II)

| September 22, 2007

No one is perfect. Sometimes mistakes make it into print. Sometimes huge steaming mistakes get in without anyone noticing until you need to write a sequel and go, “oops how did that happen?” You can probably guess, there’s a goof in Hostile Takeover. What is it? Well here’s a hint in a couple of quotes: […]

Continuity is a bitch

| September 20, 2007

Everyone gets annoyed when someone flubs the continuity in an ongoing series. Fans will shout, “But that’s not what you all said back in Issue/Episode/Movie #X!” From the outside, it looks simple enough to keep track of established facts of your universe. Well, I have sympathy for all those poor bastards working in long running […]

Project Update

| September 14, 2007

Wolfbreed is done, at least until someone buys it and asks for some sort of editorial revision. So I’ve returned to my long belated Hostile Takeover sequel. If you note the counters I’ve been keeping, I’ve removed Wolfbreed and added a counter for the sequel trilogy as a whole in addition to the book I’m […]

Kirk Lives!

| September 6, 2007

For Star Trek fans who thought James T. should have gone out in more of a blaze of glory… Got this from a thread on The Agony Booth.