Something that has nothing to do with the fact US Airways sucks ass and should die. . .

| July 31, 2007

While I was gone I got my copy of Man vs. Machine, the latest Marty Greenberg/John Helfers anthology.I mentioned my contribution, “The Historian’s Apprentice”, earlier. I honestly think that it’s my best short-form work to date. Again, my story is singled out in a Harriet Klausner review. Unfortunately, her summary of my Gene Wolfe inspired, […]

My Vacation: The Ugly. . .

| July 31, 2007

As you probably gathered from the last post, our return from Germany was made less than pleasant by the incompetent nimrods that are US Airways. To show exactly what me and my wife went through at their hands, and hopefully to cost them as many reservations as possible, I am reprinting a letter I am […]

My Vacation: The Bad. . .

| July 31, 2007

Apparently, our vacation karma was confiscated by customs upon our return to the states. I have a travel tip for all of you. If you are given a choice between being sodomized by a rusty farm implement, and making a US Airways connection at Philadelphia International Airport, you are better off choosing sodomy. It is […]

My Vacation: The Good. . .

| July 31, 2007

I’ve been gone for a while. Me and my wife combined our 10th wedding anniversary trip with the trip my wife’s German brass band was making to play around Germany and Austria. We rented a car, and drove around Bavaria and points south: Munich, Nuremberg, Vienna, Salzberg, Innsbruck, Füssen, and then back to Munich. While […]

And, how *not* to query agents. . .

| July 10, 2007

Here’s a tip, if you can’t be bothered to write your own query letter, what makes you think your writing is salable? Writing a query is writing, this is the skill you are attempting to sell. If you can’t sell your skill at writing by writing something, that should tell you something. Unfortunately scamsters will […]

About querying agents

| July 8, 2007

A comment about my post about the query letter spam I received suggested I make a few comments about what a good query letter might look like. Now, since I’m not an editor or an agent, I only have direct experience with two successful query letters. Both my own. I figured I’d put them here, […]

Happy Happy Joy Joy

| July 7, 2007

I just sold another sort story, “Family Photos,” to yet another Marty Greenberg / John Helfers anthology (The same people who put together Man vs. Machine it’s out now, you should buy a copy) titled Future Americas. The story is a meditation on crime, victimization, art and celebrity— which has absolutely nothing to do with […]

Ok, I am not a book cover

| July 5, 2007

I’ve decided to stop being coy and post an actual picture of my introverted self, with cute dog to lessen the impact. . . Actually, Eleanor, my new agent, needs a picture for the author section of the Spectrum site. So, if I’m going to be pictured there, might as well have one on my […]

Results from the lab.

| July 3, 2007

Tastes like chicken. . .

A Case Study in Bloated Idiocy (and love of cake)

| July 3, 2007

You all might know Whatever, John Scalzi’s Blog, one of the 800 pound gorillas of the SF blogosphere. It’s the kind of place where just posting a comment will drive your own blog traffic up just from internet backwash. Unpopular it is not. So presume Mr. Scalzi should take umbrage to an article you’ve written […]