Some following up. . .

| June 28, 2007

I posted earlier about how we needed new models for an Intellectual Property economy. On John Scalzi’s Whatever Blog there’s a thread that goes into the specifics of an existing rental model that seems to work. I also had some thoughts about the economy of Second-Life and MMORPG’s in general, and now I find a […]

And Now: How *Not* to Get Published

| June 24, 2007

I have just been the recipient of the strangest spam I have ever gotten. No Nigerians involved, no performance enhancing drugs and (thank god) no goatse double-penetration felch hentai. No this spam was obviously a labor of love by a single individual who has absolutely the wrong idea about the publishing industry. (My comments in […]

Book (un)Covers

| June 22, 2007

Writing and trying to hawk Wolfbreed to agents (news coming on that score, stay tuned) has made me more aware of the growing genre of paranormal romance. I’m seeing it everywhere now, and I noticed something on my last trip to Borders. Now, as you’d expect, if the sexy undead werewolf-hunter novel has the word […]

If Hollywood Ran the World. . .

| June 19, 2007

For anyone who believed that Hollywood is any more interested in free expression of ideas than, say, Microsoft, I want to point out a little story that will probably get a lot less airtime than Angelina Jolie’s attempt to ban Fox News from the premiere of a film about the execution of journalist Daniel Pearl. […]

Places to Be, People To Kill

| June 13, 2007

I just got my copy of the anthology where my story “Fealty” appears, ‘Places to be, People to Kill.‘ So it’s out, buy it. And while the Klausner review drops my name, it would be nice if some actual people reviewed it on Amazon.

The search continues. . .

| June 12, 2007

More weird stuff people were searching for when they came across my blog. . . zardoz moustache evil pink bear pink video titles beat me off define discrete fun pink meaning science my wife beats me up

More Copyright Insanity

| June 7, 2007

Ok, I’m playing catchup here, but I just found Mark Helprin’s article about Copyright. John Scalzi has a decent response to all that and others have gone on at length. But there was a quote from Helprin I had to comment on: Were you to have ushered through the many gates of taxation a flour […]

O frabjous day!

| June 3, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, Wolfbreed is complete! I finished the last scene on Friday, and I’ve spent the last two days running through the draft, doing tweaks and copy-editing. The second draft is officially done. (OK, if you’ve followed the blog and my counters it is draft 1.5) Even better news: I’ve come a step closer […]